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Basic Information

kbuli 23.02.2018

Day of your entrance exam 2018

 What to expect on the day of your entrance exam

kbuli 14.12.2018

Undergraduate studies (Master Studies) 2019/2020

Find info about Study Programs, Application process, Entrance Exam and more...


kbuli 09.01.2017


Here you can find more information regarding payment for application form for (undegraduate) master study programs General Medicine and Dentistry in English language.

kbuli 15.12.2017

Admission process - PPT presentation

More information to admission process 2018/2019 can be found here

kbuli 21.11.2018

Map of graduates 1998 - 2019

Map of the countries from which are our graduates between years 1998-2019 can be found here

kbuli 11.10.2018


Sample questions for entrance exam 


Smutek 06.02.2014

First Faculty of Medicine belongs among the best educational institutions

During the gala evening at the Prague Castle the dean of the First Faculty of Medicine Charles University prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DSc. received diploma certifying that our faculty belongs to the best ones in category "The best educational institution".

Smutek 14.09.2015

Clinical teaching and relations to Hospitals

In the academic year 2001-2002 the First Faculty of Medicine started pre-graduate education at some other training bases outside the premises of the General University Hospital...

Smutek 25.02.2004

Cooperation with abroad

The prospect of our country joining the European Union involves a great number of new stimuli and chalenges in the field of international relations.

Smutek 31.08.2016

Historical development of First Faculty of Medicine

The First Faculty of Medicine has been a part of Charles University since its foundation, in 1348, by the Bohemian King and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charles IV.

Smutek 14.09.2015

Workplaces of the faculty

area of the Faculty and the General University Hospital in Prague - PDF format

Smutek 04.02.2004

Research Activities and Policy

Research Activities and Policy of the faculty

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