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Charles University belongs among top ranking world universities

Charles University belongs among top ranking world universities

Charles University, in this year´s edition of the two most respected worldwide evaluations of universities in the so called The ranking list THES and the Shanghai ranking list, moved a few steps higher being placed among three hundred best universities from more than 17 thousand facilities all over the world. Both ranking lists monitor only institutions with major research activitis. The THES criteria fulfil 604 universities among which Charles University ended this year as the 261st, which is a considerable improvement compared with the last year´s 290th place. The Shanghai ranking list evaluates two thousand universities among which this year Charles university occupies the 252nd place (last year it was the 297th). In the number of 604 universities monitored in detail (THES), Charles University ended as the 261st (last year the 290th) and in the competition of 2,000 universities (Shanghai list) it was placed as the 252nd (last year the 297th). Charles University therefore belongs among 1.5% of the best world universities and is traditionally the best in the Czech Republic.

The results of the THES evaluation, i.e. QS Worl University Rankings, were released thhis year for the first time on November 9, before midday by the British daily The Times. Together with the Shanghai ranking list belongs among the most prestigious comparative methodologies in the world and their results are always an eagerly awaited event.

These international comparative ranking lists are compiled on the basis of some different criteria and are intended for both future students and their parents as a guideline for the selection of the school and also for the present students, university employees and all others as an index of the level of the particular university.

Václav Hampl, the rector of Charles University commented on this placement and said:“I am very pleased that Charles University achieved such a great success and I would like to thank to all who have contributed to it. An overwhelming majority of schools with a similar placement like Charles University have incomparably better financing and therefore this success is not only a reflection of professional qualities of our academics but also their personal efforts and dedication.

The Times Higher Education (THES) – QS World University Rankings

Every year it is published by the British daily The Times Higher Education Supplement and it has been compiled since 2004. Among the evaluation criteria there belongs the so called Peer Review Score (40%) - a research among a relevant group of academic officials with the aim to select the best 30 institutions that are the best within their specialization; Recruiter Review (10%) - an investigation among job agencies concerning the evaluation of the quality of graduates; International Faculty Score (5%) - the number of points being proportional to the number of international employees; International Students Score (5%) - the points proportional to the number of international students; Student faculty score (5%) - the points proportional to the ratio: number of employees/number of students; Citations per faculty (20%) - the number of citations per university publications in the Web of Science database.

The Shanghai Ranking List – Academic Ranking of World Universities

It is compiled by the Shanghai University Jiao Tong and it is based on the objective criteria, i.e. Such, whose value does not depend on the individual opinion of the judge. Among the evaluation criteria belong the so called Alumni – the university graduates who have won the Nobel Prize or Fields Medal (1); Award – the university employees who have won the Nobel Prize or Fields Medal; HiCi – highly (frequently) quoted researchers; N+S – articles published in the journals Nature and Science; SCI – articles included in the Science Citation Index Databases – expanded (SCI) and Social Science Citation Index (SSCI); Size – a weighted sum of the previous five results divided by the number of the university employees.

Charles University

Charles University was founded in 1348 and belongs among the oldest world universities. Presently it has 17 faculties (14 in Prague, 2 in Hradec Králové and 1 in Plzeň), 3 university institutes and other workplaces for educational, research, scientific and development or other creative activities or to provide information services, 5 university functional facilities. Charles University has less than eight thousand employees of which over four thousand are academic and scientific workers. It has almost 49,000 students (i.e. roughly one fifth – seventh??? of all students in the Czech Republic) who study in more than 300 accredited study programmes with almost 660 study specializations. Over 15,500 students study in the Bachelor degree programmes, 26,000 students in the Master degree study programmes and over 7,000 students in the PhD. programmes (one third of all postgraduate students in the Czech Republic). More than 6,000 students are foreigners. Over 15,000 students per year attend various courses of lifelong education.    

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