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Eligible subjects

Eligible subjects

Practical Course of Topographical Anatomy - participation in Anatomic Dissection II with 1st year atudents April 8 to April 17, 2019;


Practical Course of Anatomy for Dentists – participation in Anatomic Dissection with 1st year student of Denstistry April 4 to April 17, 2019;


Practical Course of Clinical Orofacial Anatomy

- participation in anatomic dissection with 3rd year students

Clinical orofacial anatomy April 23 to April 29

All students of the 2nd – 6 th year interested in participation as demonstrators at the summer dissection courses

are invited to the meeting

on Thursday March 14th at 5.45 p.m.

at Large Lecture Hall of Institute of Anatomy

I appreciate you to e-mail me your application for the course at advance, before the day of meeting. Pavel.Snajdr

Your e-mail should contain your full name altogether with study group number eventually your previous experineces with dissection.

We have limited number of positions for demonstrators. Because the number of interested students exceeds our capacity, we make selection during the meeting via power point slide test covering subject of the course.

Partcipation in this course is recognized as eligible subject /see above/.

Pavel Šnajdr M.D.



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