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Open Position – Postdoctoral Fellow


Havranek lab


Our newly established laboratory focuses on basic tumor biology of lymphomas (malignant tumors derived in majority from B-lymphocytes) with close relation to the basic biology of B-cells. Our laboratory has expertise in general molecular biology and cell culture techniques as well as genomic applications, flow cytometry or advanced methods like super-resolution microscopy, targeted genomic modifications, or Förster resonance energy transfer based biosensors.

Project: Molecular Aspects of B-cell Receptor Signal Initiation and Transmission as Targets for Specific Therapy of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

New and more specific therapies for non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL) are greatly needed since standard treatment is based on a non-specific and highly toxic chemotherapy combination over 40 years old. The B cell receptor (BCR) inhibition is such emerging therapy applicable to various B-cell derived NHL, however, more details about its signaling are needed to provide better therapeutic targets. Specific aims are: 1) Identify crucial kinases and motives necessary for BCR signaling initiation in various subtypes of lymphoma, 2) describe characteristics of BCR signal initiation and transmission specific to different lymphoma and BCR signaling types, 3) identify other B-cell specific mechanisms of oncogenic AKT activation in lymphoma cells, 4) test the therapeutic potential of upstream BCR signaling disruption in vivo, 5) Identify biomarkers for BCR inhibition.

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates who are interested in high quality basic and translational tumor biology research and are willing to learn a wide spectrum of advanced research methods.

We offer position in a young and dynamic research group with established international collaborations working within the BIOCEV institute with its exceptional core resources and equipment.

Position is available immediately (February/March 2018) with salary based on performance and two-year extendable contract.


Applicants are encouraged to provide short CV and motivation letter in English (with list of professional goals) no more than one page long each to

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