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The Faculty

The First Faculty of Medicine is one of the founding four faculties of the Charles University. The First Faculty of Medicine founded in 1348 ranks among the fifteen oldest medical schools in the world. (source)

Teaching and research at our faculty cover almost the entire spectrum of medicine and health professions from the full range of basic sciences through clinical specialties. Some disciplines are unique to our school at the national level. We prepare future medical doctors, scientists and health professionals in a modern and friendly fashion. Since we are not only a teaching, but also a research institution, we bring to education the most modern findings and technology.

University education at the First Faculty of Medicine provides several different degree programs. The greatest number of students pursues a six-year programme of General Medicine (leading to a MD degree), or a five-year programme of Dental Medicine (leading to DMD degree). These two clinical programmes are offered both in English and Czech languages. There are other three to four year Bachelor's programmes in health professions (e.g. nursing and other specialties), some with a Master's option, offered to date only in the Czech language.

There is also a vibrant PhD programme with most specialties offered in English. We also prepare doctors for their board exams. It is also important to note that there are various fee-based programmes for post-graduate students. Our teaching facilities are modern and comfortable, from auditoriums and seminar rooms through laboratories, study rooms and computer rooms. Most teaching facilities are located in historical buildings in the center of Prague, near Karlovo náměstí, I. P. Pavlova and Albertov. Clinical (practical) teaching occurs mostly in the General University Hospital, with some clinical rotations in the Motol Hospital, Thomayer Hospital, Hospital Na Bulovce, and General Military Hospital.

Our graduates readily find employment in the Czech Republic and the rest of the world.

99,7 % of the 453 graduates in the academic year of 2010/11 found placement within 6 months of graduation. (source)

„We do not want to teach our students simply to walk; we want to teach them to search for the new avenues.“
prof. MUDr. Aleksi Šedo, DrSc., Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine


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