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4EU+ courses - virtual mobility

Here is an overview of some of the courses available for registration:

Courses at the University of Milan:

- Courses in science and technology, law, political science and humanities: Anglophone Cultures I

o Registration deadline: 20th and 27th September.

- Courses in medicine, agricultural and food sciences, language and cultural mediation: Clinical Practice 6th Year - Lifestyle, exercise and sports medicine, Bioresources for Innovation in Mountain Products

o Registration deadline: 20th and 27th September

Courses at Heidelberg University:

- Registration Deadline: 30th September

- Courses: Collegio futuro: a college for designers of a sustainable European future, International Environmental Law, "Human or Not? The Age of A.I." - Interpreters' Monday's conference and more

Courses at the University of Warsaw:

- Registration deadline: 8th October.

- Algorithms in digital economy, International healthcare systems, Social and sustainable entrepreneurship and more

Detailed information and registration instructions can be found on the 4EU+: Student Portal (

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