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Since 2011, both, faculties of medicine and the Institute of post-gradual training in health services have been providing specialized education of physicians and dentists. According to the current legislation, there is a specialized education of physicians available in 44 basic specialized studying programs while there are 3 specialized programs available for the dentists. The specialized education of physicians in 2 basic programs for general practitioners and in all the follow-up studies still remain in the responsibility of the Institute.

1. Entry to specialized training

In the Czech Republic, a physician or a dentist gains professional competence to practice medicine after graduating from a medical faculty and has the possibility to enter a specialized training to obtain specialty competencies in a chosen basic specialized program – ref. Basic specialties for physicians.

Physicians and dentists who graduated from a medical faculty abroad have to ask for the validation of their diploma first (universities, medical faculties, Ministry of Education, Institute of physical education) and ask the Ministry of Health for a permission to practice the profession in the Czech Republic. A physician who gained medical education in the countries of the Third World, first of all, has to pass an exam to get the approbation (

Application for the inclusion into specialization is available in web application EZP ( The filled in application form has to be saved in EZP, then printed, signed and together with the attachments and the proof of payment for the logbook sent to the following address: Oddělení specializačního a celoživotního vzdělávání (OSCV), 1. LF UK, Kateřinská 32,121 08 Praha 2.

Every change concerning personal information which would occur during the specialized training has to be reported immediately to Department for Further Education of Medical Doctors (OSCV) of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague, where the particular physician or dentist is registered.

2. The process of the specialized training

The specialized education is being undergone while practicing medicine. It takes place in the form of whole-day-long preparations at an accredited workplace in the range corresponding to given weekly work hours. The specialized education follows a set educational program, which presents the requirements for specialized training such as minimal duration of the specialized education, the range and content of the obligatory and recommended training both in the main specialty and in the supplementary fields, obligatory courses and internships, type of the accredited workplace where the training is being held, requirements for theoretical knowledge just as for practical skills, clinical performance of the doctor and assumptions about passing the Specialty Certificate Examinations.

The educational program is divided in two parts – the obligatory basic trunk (24 months) and the specialized training (12-60 months), which have to be followed by the doctor. After absolving the basic trunk, the doctor has to ask for a certificate, which will allow him/her to perform the particular practice (application can be found at The educational program is supplemented with a logbook, which serves not only to record the completed practice, but mainly, to have a register of each executed clinical performance and activity, which the doctor has to familiarize with.

3. Attestation exam

After fulfilling all the requirements set by educational programme, specialized education ends with attestation exam. The exam is made in front of the commission set by Ministry of Health in Czech Republic and usually has a theorethical part (oral or written test) and practical part (implementation of clinical performance, analysis and interpretation of documentation). After successful completion of the exam, Ministry of Health issues a diploma of specialization.


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