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April 2017

Candidate Nomination for Rector of Charles University

Professor Tomáš Zima, the current Rector of Charles University, presented his election program to the Academic Senate of First Faculty of Medicine in April. In the session, he asked senators to support his re-election as the Rector of Charles University.

Professor Zima had to answer a few challenging questions. A discussion about redistribution of finances among individual faculties of Charles University, which is unfavourable for our faculty, brought the most controversy. Additionally, too much bureaucracy from the Rectorate was objected. Eventually, senators nominated professor Zima as a candidate for the upcoming elections, on 1st of December this year.

New Internal Regulations of our faculty

As a result of the amendments in the Higher Education Act and internal regulations of Charles University, all our faculty regulations also change. Our new internal regulations omit citations of general rules from the regulations of Charles University, therefore one needs to read both documents to capture the meaning. The text of the draft is not final - it still needs to be ratified by the Academic Senate of Charles University. We would like to highlight a few intended changes for you:

If you do not attend an exam, you need to apologize properly, otherwise you will miss the exam date (approved already with effect from the new academic year).

Conditions to obtain permission for an individual study plan due to lack of credits will also change (other reasons for an individual study plan are not concerned).

Furthermore, we have new Electorate Code as well as Rules of Procedure of the Academic Senate of First Faculty of Medicine. Among other things, one does not have to be a senator to become a member of Academic Senate commissions. Moreover, in the future, you can look forward to electronic elections to the Senate.

We will inform you about the final text of the regulations once it has been ratified by the Academic Senate of Charles University.

Alžběta Nováková, Martin Pehr, Hanka Dittrichová



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