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The selection and enrollment of eligible subjects for academic year 2021/2022


Students who fulfilled all study obligations - enrollment is possible from 20.07.2021 (from 9:00 am) to 01.10.2021.

Students who didn´t fulfill all study obligations including all enrolled eligible subjects, newly admitted students and students from other faculties - enrollment is possible from 20.09.2021 (from 9:00 am) to 01.10.2021.


Enrollment of eligible subjects for summer semester for all students of all years and programes including students from other faculties will be possible from 01.02.2022 (from 9:00 am) to 21.02.2022 (to 23:59).

The preliminary enrollment of eligible subjects has to be done by a student through the SIS after fulfillment of all study obligations, except summer clerkship and state exams.

Guideline for enrollment can be found here:

There is no possibility to change or cancel the subjects after the deadline. The only exceptions are subjects which conditions of enrollment are stated otherwise in the annotation.


Students are allowed to sign up for maximum 3 eligible subjects per a semester and till the deadline subjects can be changed or canceled. The number of credits gained from eligible subjects must not be more than 15% of the normal number of credits. Gained credits beyond 15% from eligible subjects won´t be included for the purpose of continuous checking for the registration for the next section of studies and will be considered as „non-effective“ credits. (It means, according to normal number of 60 credits during the first section of studies, the number of credits from eligible subjects are 9 credits in total; according to normal number of 120 credits after the second section of studies, the number of credits from eligible subjects are 18 credits in total etc.)

More information about chosen subject(s) can be found in the Excel table where you can click for direct link which leads you into the SIS. It´s possilbe to use a filter to select particular years and also programes.



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