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Enrolment dates in doctoral study programmes 2021/2022

The enrolment dates in doctoral study programmes were set by the Dean´s measure nr. 6/2021

Regular enrolment dates:
• 1st year of study: 9. 9. 2021
• next years of study 13.–16. 9. 2021

Alternative enrolments dates:
• 1st year of study 30. 9. 2021
• next years of study 4.–5. 10. 2021

Information on the exact time and place of the enrolments will be added later. 

Enrolments for the 1st year of study
Take with you to register:
- filled in Student's enrollment form and Appendix to student's enrollment form 
- 1x ID photo, ID card, foreigners passport (Slovak citizens ID card or passport)
- completed and printed study certificate - downloadable on the faculty website, section "General"
- matriculation oath
- foreigners with a visa requirement - residence permit


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