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Historical development of First Faculty of Medicine

The First Faculty of Medicine has been a part of Charles University since its foundation, in 1348, by the Bohemian King and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charles IV. From 1953 to 1990 it was called The Faculty of General Medicine, and its present name, which is derived from the Faculty's ancient tradition, has been in use since 1990. It is the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe, and the largest medical faculty in the Czech Republic. Prague, the city where the Faculty is located, was the capital of the former Czechoslovak Republic, founded in 1918 as one of the democratic states in Central Europe. Prague has also become the capital of the Czech Republic, established as an independent democratic state in 1993.

In the middle ages, the language of teaching at Charles University was Latin; later, during the Austrian Monarchy, it was German, and since 1882 the students have been taught in Czech. In 1992 instruction in English was introduced for students coming from abroad. However, admitting foreign students has always been the Faculty's policy. The students of medicine are selected on the basis of entrance examinations in physics, chemistry and biology. The required standard of knowledge corresponds to British A-levels and the number of enrolled students is limited.

The University and the Faculty are governed by elected academic bodies. Even though freedom and democracy returned to the country and to the University again in 1989, the academic community was trying to keep its links with the free world througout the past decades and most of its students and professors acquired a good reputation outside the country in academic and scientific circles and among the health care workers.

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