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March 2017



The Academic Senate 1. LF discussed the results of budget spending in 2016. Our faculty managed the budget with a total surplus. The expenditures were 737 million CZK, against revenue of 740 million CZK (including scientific research making up 9 million CZK). School fees paid mainly by students in the English parallel (230 million CZK in total) represent an important and hardly replaceable source of income.

Evaluation of Teaching

In the academic year 2015/2016 only 827 out of more than four thousand students evaluated teaching via questionnaire in SIS. Preclinical subjects were among the most evaluated, and the evaluation was rather good. However, evaluation of clinical subjects lagged behind even last year, therefore so did its relevancy. Why do we even evaluate? Not only can evaluations influence the way of teaching at our faculty, they also help reward teachers who receive the best feedback. Conversely, teachers who receive a poorer evaluation discuss the students´ feedback with the faculty management. These evaluations have a demonstrably tangible impact: the Pneumonology clinic in Thomayer Hospital, previously criticized for lack of practical training, has taken measure to incorporate more practical skills in teaching from the beginning
of this academic year.

Czech University Rankings
The Czech magazine “Týden” has published a questionable ranking of Czech universities. According to the magazine, the highest ranked medical school is the Faculty of Military Health Sciences of the University of Defence. However, the University of Defence provides only military training and the medical part of the program takes place at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove. Our faculty is in the disappointing sixth place. We also received a very low score for research despite belonging to one of the best research institutions in the Czech Republic. In the past, our faculty decided not to provide any data for such rankings. The faculty management is communicating with the magazine to ascertain the methodology used in compiling the ranking.

Why do not we admit more students?
In Czech media you will often find complaints about lack of doctors in hospitals. It might seem to be a logical solution to admit more students to medical schools. However, it is not possible for several reasons. One of the issues is insufficient financial support from the government (respectively the university), the capacity of learning spaces and the limited number of patients who students can examine. However, the primary problem is the lack of teaching doctors. We need more postgradual students (mainly in the preclinical field) who will teach the future generations of doctors. An increase in financial support of the academics might be motivation for students to pursue the academic career.

Alžběta Nováková, Martin Pehr, Hana Dittrichová



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