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May 2017

New members of disciplinary commission

The Academic Senate of First Faculty of Medicine appointed new members to the Disciplinary Commission of First Faculty of Medicine nominated by the dean. The two-year term of the former members completed at the beginning of June. New members include professors Kittnar (the head of the commission), Dundr and Slanař. From the student body, Jan Bartoška (4th year), David Novotný (3rd year) and Anežka Buriánková (3rd year) will also join the commission. Disciplinary Commission deals with offenses committed by students, sanctions them and is responsible for conducting disciplinary proceedings.

Increase in doctoral scholarships

We have new faculty Scholarship Regulations as a result of the amendments in Scholarship Regulations of Charles University. Doctoral scholarships will increase by 300 to 700 CZK a month from the upcoming academic year:
Hence, in the first year 7 000 CZK instead of 6 300 CZK, in the second one 8 000 CZK instead of 7 600 CZK, in the third one 9 000 CZK instead of 8 700 CZK and in the fourth one 9 500 CZK instead of 8 800 CZK. Doctoral scholarships will still increase by 2 000 CZK after completing state exams.
According to the Charles University analysis, 50 % of all postgraduate students do not complete their studies, at First Faculty of Medicine 45 % students are successful.

Lecturers – absences in classes

The Senate also discussed the problem many lecturers face when they miss clinical and other classes due to assisting teaching. The Academic Senate entrusted the dean to follow up the issue. The dean promised to talk to the chiefs of institutes and ensure a friendly discussion around the point.

Alžběta Nováková, Martin Pehr, Hana Dittrichová

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