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Measures for Operation of the Buildings and Adjustment of the Activities of Departments of Dean’s Office Valid for the Duration of Emergency Status

Based upon the instructions of the Declaration of the Charles University concerning the Emergency status from March 16, 2020.


1) The buildings without a reception desk will be closed and accessible only to the employees of the CUNI and students (could be opened by the key, employee card, or ISIC, according to local conditions):
- pertains to the entry of buildings: Studničkova 7, Studničkova 4, Albertov 7, Albertov 5, U Nemocnice 3, U Nemocnice 5

- Patient entry to the outpatient clinics of the Department of Nuclear Medicine in the building U Nemocnice 5 will be only for those with an appointment and will be organized by the employees of the said Department.

2) The buildings with a reception desk will be closed and the entrance will be monitored by a receptionist. Only the employees of the CUNI, students, and deliveries will be admitted. The opening hours of the receptions will be adjusted to 7 AM to 4 PM.
-pertains to the buildings:
U Nemocnice 4, Albertov 4, Studničkova 2, and the Faust House.

3) The reception of the Dean’s Office at Kateřinská 32 will be open 24/7, the entrance from the street Na Bojišti will be closed from March 18.

4) The entrance to the Faust House from Karlovo náměstí will be closed, the only access will be through the campus of the General University Hospital in Prague.


1) The operation of the departments of Dean’s office will be organized in such a manner that during the entire business hours, at least one person will be present.

2) Office hours of the departments for contact with the students and third parties will be adjusted to a maximum of 3 hours a day, twice a week:

- Personnel department. MON 9-12 and WED 12-15

- Study affairs dept. MON 10-12:30 and THU 12:30-15:00

- Department for Science MON 9-12 and THU 12-15

3) The Cashier‘s office will be open with restricted hours: MON 9-12 and WED 9-12.

4) The Filling office will be operated by a single person. During the office hours it will be possible to deposit the envelopes and packages to the mailbox or transportation box.

5) The remaining employees of the Dean’s office departments will be working in home office mode, i.e. they will be accessible by e-mail during their working hours. A log of their activities will be maintained by the directors of the respektive departments.

6) The employees of the Technical-Operational Department responsible for operation and maintenance of the buildings will be present:

during the working hours with mutual replacement, Ing. Bernard and Mr. Zděnovec;

Mr. Váňa and Mr. Kunca, the employees of Maintenance will be present in person in such a way that:

In the lower part of campus (Albertov) and in the upper part (Kateřinská/U Nemocnice) there will be present at least one employee of Maintenance.

Prague, March 17, 2020

Ing. Eva Soubustová, MBA

Bursar of the Faculty


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