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Minimum of Practical Skills GM

Minimum of Practical Skills

Study programme: GENERAL MEDICINE

Code: B81952

Annotation: Students are supposed to perform or assist in performance of clinical skills described in the List of clinical skills (Logbook).

Aim of the course: Individual clinical skills performance.

Teaching methods: The clinical skills are performed under supervision of the appropriate trainer.

Requirements to the exam: The credit is awarded by Inst. of General Practise; in 6th year of studies when all clinical skills are confirmed in the Logbook.

List of practical procedures (Logbook):

*** Students of the study program General Medicine will obtain the List of Practical Skills (Log book) for subject “Minimum Practical Skills (B81952)” on the day of enrolment to the 2nd year.

*** Before the 6th year, students are obliged to carry out and obtain signatures for all the listed procedures. Procedures in question are to be fulfilled throughout the compulsory clinical rotations, summer clerkships or other school-related practices.

*** One signature per one skill is sufficient. More signatures for one procedure are possible but not required (in this case more signatures may appear in the particular box in the Logbook)

*** In order to receive a credit you have to present your completed Log book at the Institute of General Practise anytime within your 6th year but BEFORE the last State Exam! The terms of consultations are announced on the institute's website ( - Doc. MUDr. Bohumil Seifert, Ph.D.)

Logbook amendment – List of available departments for minimum practical skills): all clinical skills are to be carried out as described above. Should the student not be able to obtain the signatures for his/hers performances within the compulsory clinical rotations or summer practices, he/she can get in touch with the designated institute from the list to do so (see the attachment). Alternatively those available departments may be addressed also for additional practise of the particular skills.






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