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MINUTES from the emergency Dean’s Board meeting from March 11, 2020

Charles University: Official response to declaration of state of emergency by the Czech government (update March 13, 2020).

ATTENTION! MINUTES from the emergency Dean’s Board meeting from March 11, 2020, concerning the teaching, examination and other affairs



Undergraduate examination

Oral examination (INCLUDING the State exams) can for now, until further notice, continue as scheduled – but only in institutes where it is possible from technical reasons. Participation in the exams is only possible for students who meet ALL the prerequisites for the exam (credit, minimum practical skills, etc.). The State Exams can currently go on. It is up to the respective subject guarantors to determine if the examination can take place. It is currently NOT possible to run the exams that include practical part involving the patients. If a written test is an integral part of the examination, the maximum number of students in the room must not exceed 20.

The students are advised to check the SIS, faculty web pages, as well as the web oft the respective institutes. Please bear in mind that this information is subject to change with a short notice, and the examinations can be stopped at any moment.

Undergraduate studies

Consultations with individual students are still possible.

Whenever possible, it is recommended to institute electronic distance education. The vice-deans will inform the institutes about the possible ways and means.

Czech for the English students could be still taught using electronic/distance education approaches.

Graduate Studies (Doctoral Study Program)

The doctoral state exam and thesis defense is solely at the discretion of the particular subject board and its chair. It is recommended to restrict the participation of the public at the defense (guests). Individual students consultations are still possible. Examination of PhD students from English in some subject boards is still possible, including electronic/distance examination.

Presence of the Master’s thesis / PhD students in the labs of the FFM

The presence of the Masters/PhD students in the lab is solely at the discretion of the supervisor of the respective student.

Entrance examinations abroad

The tests could be performed under the supervision of local residents (e.g. Embassy workers or visiting academic professionals from the Czech Republic) and sent for evaluation to Prague. The interviews could be alternatively performed e.g. via Skype. The exams could also take place in the dedicated test centers with independent proctoring.

Faculty Open Day, planned for April 3, 2020, is CANCELLED.

Student Research Conference

The deadline for abstract submission is prolonged to March 20, 2020. Change in the date of the conference is currently not planned.

Atestation exams

The possibility to undergo attestation exams is at the discretion of the respective attestation committee.


The study room, day room, and terminal room are CLOSED. The loans department is currently still open.

Scientific Board of the FFM

The planned meeting scheduled for March 31st, 2020 is CANCELLED.

University of the 3rd age

All the courses are currently CANCELLED.

Preparatory courses

All the faculty-sponsored preparatory courses are currently CANCELLED.

Institute for post-graduate education of doctors

All courses with participation number over 100 are currently prohibited.

Spring Ball

We regret to announce that the Spring Ball, planned for March 21, 2020, is CANCELLED.

Job Fair

The Job Fair (April 3-4) will be postponed to a later day, depending on epidemiological situation.


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