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 Examination Rules:

· Students must leave their coats and bags at the entrance of the examination room. They may take a pen or pencil with them, but no pencil cases. No papers, books, or other study materials are allowed.

· Calculators must be inspected by the examiner prior to their use in the examination. Graphing calculators will only be allowed after the memory has been cleared in front of the examiner.

· Students are not allowed to bring any electronic devices into examinations. Examples of forbidden devices are mobile phones, tablets, computers, mp3 players, etc.

· Students must demonstrate that their pockets are empty prior to the beginning of the examination.

· Students must be seated at least one meter apart during written examinations and during preparation for oral examinations.

· There will be at least one (recommended two depending on the number of students) staff members supervising each examination at all times, including preparation of questions for oral examination.

· If a student is found to be in the possession of notes or study material inside the examination, he or she will be considered to be cheating.

· Any form of communication among students during an examination is considered cheating. If students are caught communicating during an examination, both will be considered to be cheating.

· The two faculty members present at the incident will immediately sign a document stating whether or not the student was cheating, to the best of their knowledge.

Consequences for cheating:

If a student is caught cheating during an examination, he or she will immediately fail that attempt. If the student is caught cheating a second time, in any subsequent examination, he or she will fail that subject. The incident will be grounds for initiating disciplinary proceedings which can result in termination of studies.


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