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Questions & answers from our video to changes after May 4, 2020

Q: What changes to teaching will take place next week, that is, starting 4 May?

A: Neither the government nor the university adopted any new measures but at our faculty, we decided that within the limitations given by existing legislation and depending on possibilities of the individual departments as well as based on decisions taken by subject guarantors, we will restart some practical training and clinical traineeships.

Q: Will these changes take place at all departments and clinics?

A: No, some will continue to offer only distance education or provide in person consultations only if students apply for them. In such cases, a student must make a clear appointment with a teacher: they must clearly agree on where and when a consultation will take place.

Q: Should we go to school on Monday?

A: Generally speaking, in person teaching has not restarted yet, so no, do not just automatically head to school. Come only if you are supposed to attend practical training or clinical traineeship based on up-to-date information from the relevant teacher or department. Some departments intend to provide in person teaching already from 4 May, others in the following week, that is, from 11 May. In any case, come to school only if the relevant department had already organised in person teaching for you.

Q: Where and how will I find out about the current organisation of teaching?

A: Such information is or will be available on departmental websites or other communication platforms departments currently use, in the SIS, or, in many cases, students may also be contacted directly. This information should make it clear where and when should students arrive.

Q: What will teaching look like and what should I take with me?

A: Organisation of teaching will depend on the teacher or guarantor of the subject. Certain conditions will have to be observed: the presence of at most five persons, disinfection, face masks, safe distance, and students must be healthy and sign a sworn statement. Each department or teacher would inform students of any other conditions or requirements regarding equipment. The sworn statement is already on the faculty website and was or will be sent also directly to students. If any hospitals require their own form of sworn statement, such documents will be provided directly by teachers and distributed to students.

Q: What if I cannot attend the lecture or practice?

A: In such case, it is important to inform the guarantor or teacher. In theoretical and clinical subjects, personal presence will not be a necessary condition of getting the requisite credits. It will still be possible to get a credit based only on distance form of participation. In clinical subjects, it is the guarantor of the subject who decides about the manner of meeting the demands of traineeship or its replacement by some other requirement.

Clinical departments will publish, at the latest by the end of next week, further information about the form and organisation of teaching of relevant subjects until the end of the term so that students, including those who are not currently in the Czech Republic, could prepare and organise their studies.

Volunteering will be taken into account. Requirements for credits can be met by volunteering. Volunteering agreements can be ended by mutual agreement or at the latest within two weeks, to that students could finish their study of the subject in question. If students would like to continue in their volunteering and could not meet some other conditions of study, they can, if they meet other conditions, apply for an individual study plan.

Q: When will dates in theoretical and preclinical subjects be announced?

A: The dates will be announced next week, and the individual departments will publish details pertaining to the manner of registration and the types and further details of examinations.

Students will be able to arrive from some countries, including Slovakia. The faculty had prepared guidelines for printing a statement confirming an examination in case the authorities require it, but where it would be difficult for a student to arrive to Prague, distance examination will be possible.

Q: What else should we prepare for?

A: Things change and evolve all the time.

It is possible that if the number of persons who could attend lectures is increased, some practical training could restart at more departments. But the basics will probably remain the way they are until the end of the term: teaching in general will not restart, teaching and some examinations will still take place using the distance form, and we will keep you informed about concrete changes pertaining to particular subjects.

Doc. Martin Vokurka, Vice Dean for theoretical and preclinical education at the First Faculty of medicine of the Charles University

Prof. Tomáš Hanuš, Vice Dean for Clinical Education

You can find video here (only Czech version).


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