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Questions & answers from our video to examinations

EXAMINATIONS – Situation as of 17 April 2020

Q: Is it possible to sit examinations in an in person/distance form?

A: YES, beginning 20 April, but ONLY for students in the last year of studies. These students can sit examinations both in subjects that are part of the state examinations and in other subjects. The maximum number of persons present is five. Once again, consultations and similar activities are possible, too, but only for students of the last year.

NO, aside from subjects in the last year of studies, the only form of examinations is the in person one.

WHEN is it going to be possible to give examinations in other subjects as well? That is as yet unknown, and it depends on the government’s decision. We assume it should be after 27 April or in May.

Q: Is it possible to administer distance form examinations and under what conditions?

A: Distance examinations, including state exams, will be possible after 20 April.

The possibility of administering distance examinations depended on a change in legislation (parliament, president, publication in the legal code), a change in a university regulation registered at the Ministry of Education, and on an internal regulation of the relevant faculty.

The Faculty of Medicine will regulate distance examinations with a Dean’s measure that will be issued also around 20 April.

The Dean’s measure will define some basic rules for distance examination as well as some technical rules.

Further guidelines will be provided by the subject’s guarantor in case he decides distance examination in his subject is possible.

A student, too, must agree to sit examination in a distance form.

Q: How will the examinations be announced?

A: Dates for state examinations can be published just 15 days before the exam date, which is a substantial shortening of the period.

Announcement of examination dates is regulated by regulations of the relevant institutes and department as well as a decision of the subject’s guarantor. All these rules and regulations must follow the basic rules set by existing legislation and measures.

The subject’s guarantor also decides which form (in person/distance) will the announced examinations take.

Students will know whether they are registering for an in person or distance examination.

Q: Is the duration of the examination period extended?

A: YES, at our faculty it is extended by one week, that is, until 18 September. At the same time, the university had also decided that July will be treated as an examination month but decision about announcing particular examinations dates is up to the individual departments and institutes.

Doc. Martin Vokurka, Vice Dean for theoretical and preclinical education at the First Faculty of medicine of the Charles University

You can find video here (only Czech version). 88256


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