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Questions & answers from our video to surgery instruction

Surgery Instruction, Practice, Traineeship

Chaired by the Dean, Professor Aleksi Šedo, answered by Professor Krška, head of the Surgery Department

Q: Can volunteer work be counted as fulfilling summer surgical practice?

A: Yes, volunteering in the General University Hospital or at other hospitals where you are involved in their efforts to address the challenges posed by Covid 19 will be naturally counted and accepted towards the surgical summer practice.

Q: Can 50% of the summer practice be replaced by volunteering at a clinical department?

A: Yes, it is possible, and I want to do it that way. All heads of departments are delighted with the work of medical students and I wish to thank them again, and yes, we will remit the 50%. If this situation continues and these students are in contact with patients, working with them, this volunteering will replace even a larger percentage of the summer practice.

Q: Could you be more specific about which years this is relevant to?

A: The propaedeutic course is specific, that’s not relevant here, but it will most certainly be relevant to fourth and sixth year students.

Q: Can the 50 hours of surgery propaedeutic instruction be done at institutions outside the First Faculty of Medicine?

A: No, we will not accept it because the system is not in place in the regions, this instruction is carried out only at the faculty. This instruction will be done only at institutes of the First Faculty of Medicine. For students from Slovakia: if they manage to organise stays at faculty departments in Slovakia in the extent of those 50 hours, then certainly, that is acceptable, because Bratislava, Košice, Bystrica, Martin, I know the heads of the relevant departments, we share textbooks, we wrote them together, so naturally, examination must be taken here, but if they are willing to accept additional students, it is possible and I will accept it.

Q: Can the summer surgical practice be done in conjunction with surgical traineeship?

A: Logically not, and that for one simple reason: each of these requirements has its own demands and its own structure, meaning, and contents. That’s why it is not possible. Regarding fourth year students, what is in the SIS still holds. These students pass practical instruction in the extent of two weeks, that is, twice 25 hours, a total of 50 hours. Traineeship can be accepted, natural when it is carried out at our departments or at any non-private surgical hospital or department including surgical outpatient clinics and departments of paediatric surgery. Alternatively, the traineeship can be done with us, once the situation calms down, we will organise it within the framework of the First Faculty of Medicine. Now we are doing a little less for you, I know. But we will do our best to make sure that you have enough opportunities for your studies. We are, however, at your disposal even on weekends, this is an agreement going across all surgical departments and you can contact us even on Saturdays and Sundays. All heads of surgical departments agreed to this. All heads of surgical departments are coordinating these steps, so what I say here applies to all surgical departments of the First Faculty of Medicine. This is really consensual. None of the department heads objected to it.

Q: How many ours of practical instruction must a sixth year student do in order to be admitted to state examination in surgery?

A: We reduced this requirement and will be satisfied if these students do three quarters of the practical training of 150 hours. In principle, there are two ways of doing it: they will do it either as part of regular study once teaching at the First Faculty of Medicine is renewed, or if they reach some individual arrangement, the same thing applies as for the fourth year students, they can do the practical training at any non-private surgical hospital or department including paediatric surgical departments. We will accept it.

Q: Will some problematic subject areas for the state exams in surgery be taught using the form of online lectures?

A: This is a question I put today to all heads of surgical departments and they all said that no one actually used to attend those lectures. So, what is a problematic subject. Once you define what is a problematic subject and send it to us to via e-mail address listed in the SIS, then we will deal with it, but otherwise, we would have to put all of surgery online, because each person finds something else problematic. So, tell us what you feel is problematic and we will work on it and prepare it.

Q: To whom should students of the English parallel address their questions regarding surgery instruction?

A: It is best to communicate with the surgical department responsible for the instruction or training my email. Just today, I was replying to six or seven questions. So, send a mail to the department secretary, the address is well known to you, it is listed, and we will promptly send you a reply. We do not want to lose touch with the English parallel. Their situation is, with respect to teaching, a little more straightforward, because the third year students have already done their traineeships, so this concerns fourth year students, who will start in late April, early May, so this issue concerns only the sixth year students. Their situation will have to be addressed on an individual basis and I will welcome questions sent in writing, to my email, just to make sure we understand each other well.

You can find video here (only Czech version).

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