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Research Activities and Policy

The bulk of the faculty research activities has been, for a long time, of the applied type, oriented mostly to the broad field of clinical science, especiallly to endocrinology, congenital disorders of metabolism, oncology, cardiology and angiology, gastroenterology and nephrology, to list only the main topics. In basic sciences the faculty has always had an excellent research in the fields of developmental physiology, biochemistry and morphology, in genetics and in cytochemistry and histochemistry. 

Nowadays a great effort is being made to create an original basic science programme based on molecular and cell biology and oriented, at its first stage, toward congenital disorders, oncology, teratology and neurosciences. The research has been funded mostly by grants provided by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, by the Ministry of Health Grant Agency, and Grant Agencies of the Ministry of Education and of Charles University.

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