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Opptions for students from Ukraine

Are you a Ukrainian student (do you have Ukrainian citizenship and permanent residence in Ukraine)?

It will be possible to study at our faculty in the form of internships as free movers, provided that the following conditions are met. Internships would be guaranteed until the end of the summer semester 2022 (until June 5, 2022). It is possible that you will be included in either the Czech or English study program according to our capacity and language skills. The capacity is limited.

The student must meet the following conditions:
- Ukrainian citizenship and permanent residence in Ukraine
- study of medicine at a public state school, in a free program (relevant document confirming the study)
- general medicine program in 1.–5. year with the exception of the 6th year
- Dentistry program in 1–4. year with the exception of the 5th year
- vaccination against hepatitis B (in case of registration in the Czech Republic, the document can be replaced by taking antibodies or vaccinating here)
- registration, residence permit in the Czech Republic.

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The faculty does not provide accommodation and meals. In the case of accommodation in dormitories, it is necessary to submit an application to Charles University.

Dormitories and canteens:


Are you a foreign student who studied in Ukraine?

Transfers at our faculty cannot be made.

It is possible to apply and take part in the standard admission procedure for the academic year 2022/2023.

For students of Charles University at this time - for students directly and indirectly affected by the war in Ukraine - you can apply for a scholarship in case of an acutely difficult situation of a student of Charles University

The Václav Havel Scholarship is intended for foreign students threatened by undemocratic regimes who are already enrolled in studies at Charles University or who are systematically preparing for their studies.

None of these scholarships are awarded across the board. The application always undergoes an individual assessment.

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