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Fall graduation ceremony 2019

Fall graduation ceremony 2019 takes place in Karolinum, Ovocný trh 3, Prague 1, November 20, 2019 at 10:30.

Graduates are required to come to the background of Karolinum big hall 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to learn choreografy, sign matriculation book and to collect tickets for extra seats. Enter building, turn left, go to the 1st floor and turn right into the smaller door - Karolinum background. Formal dress is required! Tickets for extra seats will be handed over to you in Karolinum background in the same time. Each graduate is guaranteed 2 tickets for extra seats, see attachment „Seat order in Karolinum, yellow section“. Total number of relatives and friends per graduate is not limited, Karolinum contains 333 regular seats which do not require tickets. Please read attached Code of Conduct and remember to learn Spondeo ac Policeor .

Please provide your family and friends, who are attending your graduation ceremony with following instructions:

  • switch off cell phone before entering the hall
  • don't walk during the ceremony
  • ceremony takes 50 minutes, children younger than six years are not recommended to attend
  • do not clap during the ceremony


During the ceremony professional photographers are taking pictures and video. You can order them on

Please be aware that anybody who is attending graduation ceremony is automatically giving permission to the photographer to take picture and video of her or him.

In order to attend the ceremony it is required to complete your last study duty at the latest on October 18, 2019. Remember your last study duty must be one of your state exams! When you have all your duties completed, please come to the study department to check personal details in SIS and collect alumni check out list.

If you are interested in having speech please inform me via email. For speech samples see attachments.


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