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Summary of the extraschedule meeting of the Dean’s Board with the guarantors of the State exam subjects and students’ representatives

Participated: Šedo, Vokurka, Foltán, Sedmera, Hanuš, Martan, Trněný, Honzík, Vrablík, Brůha, Těšinová, Háber, Soubustová, Tlapáková and students Kulišiak, Danzig, Panenka.

The Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine summarized the current situation in teaching at the faculty, especially appreciating the readiness and willingness of students to engage in activities of “students volunteering” in hospitals, during current serious epidemiological situation. At the same time, it was confirmed by all the participants that the Faculty of Medicine is not the organizer or guarantor of this voluntary activity, although it supports it as much as possible and is ready to further support the involvement of a higher number of students. In order to protect the volunteers, this activity must be confirmed by a contract with the health facility. It was recommended that the volunteering period should be for a definite period of time, optimally 3 weeks, so that other students, who are on the “waiting list” could participate in this activity. Until now, the FB group of students registers 1,050 students interested in volunteering (the questionnaire was completed by 420 Czech students and 161 English parallel students). Hospitals are saturated from the First Faculty of Medicine with 196 students. The epidemiological plan of Czech Republic has not been announced yet and therefore we have no information on its form or course. The Association of Deans of the Faculty of Medicine of Czech Republic proactively brought to attention to its governors and mayors that in case of necessity, the mobilisation of the volunteers should be coordinated with the faculties.

Comment: Epidemiological plan, if activated under the State of Emergency, will essentially draft the 5th and 6th year students to the hospitals. I do not think this will happen, as the lack of doctors is not imminent, plus for those purposes, non-native speakers will be of limited value; however, this might be quite unique experience of the life time! The current state is that we were asked to prepare the list of such students, which we did, but were not even asked to submit it to the Ministry of Health.

It was clarified how the volunteering will be recognised:

1) guarantors of the Department of Internal Medicine, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Public Health, Medical Law, Hygiene and Epidemiology replace the practical part of the pre-state internship by distance learning

2) guarantor of Paediatrics will count students‘ volunteering (based on a concluded contract of a student with the health care facility in Czech Republic) with a period of assistance of at least 2 weeks, preferably at a paediatric workplace, as an internship

Comment: For those outside of the country, documented volunteering or other relevant professional activity in health care system of other countries will be also considered.

3) surgery supervisor will recognize 50% of “volunteer work” for the total pre-state internship period

4) guarantors of non-state clinical subjects are asked to specify the scope of recognition of "volunteer" activity in an analogous and helpful way - volunteers from the 4th year will be recognized as completing a part of the internship, respectively.

Students will be excused from missing education in case of collusion of the compulsory e-learning lesson of the ongoing subject and volunteering.

As soon as it is possible to restart the normal examination, the management of the First Faculty of Medicine guarantees maximum effort for its smooth running, which is in the interest of the whole academic community. The Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine asked the Rector of Charles University to shorten the 3-month interval, for announcing the state exam dates, to 2 weeks. We are waiting for the decision. The management of the First Faculty of Medicine, together with the other Faculty of Medicine, considers the possibility of distance examination.

Comment: While such possibility is seriously considered for non-state exams, for the State exams that involve committee this is hard to imagine, as this would require extra security (e.g. certified test centre) on the student’s end, which is not available everywhere… we do hope that we will be able to do the exams the normal way from May on (this is part of all the exams, including also the entrance exams in June!). Alternatives include change in academic year calendar, which is not our preference.

The teachers of the First Faculty of Medicine are aware of the dramatic deterioration of conditions for their students and at the same time assume that students are also aware that the epidemiological situation, its risks and the impact on professional commitments affect all professional groups of our alma mater. The preparation of professionally competent graduates is our common goal. This can be only achieved with effective team work.

The student representatives declared their readiness and willingness to help with the preparation of materials for improving the quality of teaching in the field of e-learning. Your requests for help can be directed to The details of the solution of teaching issues are continually discussed between the medical faculties of Charles University and the Dean's Association.

A communication plan between the students and the faculty management was prepared, which is necessary for the effective transmission of feedback and for the operational solution of individual problems at specific workplaces.

Recorded by T. Hanuš

Translated by Dariya Vasilyeva, verified by and commented by David Sedmera


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