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Undergraduate studies (Master Studies) 2022/2023

Study programs offered in English language 

  • General Medicine
    Full-time 6 year curriculum leading to the Master degree MUDr. - "Medicinae Universae Doctor" = Doctor of General Medicine

  • Dentistry
    Full-time 5 year program leading to the Master degree MDDr. - "Medicinae Dentium Doctor" = Doctor of Dental Medicine

We do not require at this moment any certificates for English language proficiency, however these courses are completely taught in English.

International recognition 

  • The degrees are fully recognized in the EU and most countries for at least limited registration. The student should ask the authorities or professional bodies in the respective country for information about the conditions for full registration and recognition of the degree required to practice medicine. Note: the conditions may change in time, and while we make every effort to maintain our accreditation in the countries where are graduates are heading (USA, UK, Thailand, etc.), action of foreign government or professional regulatory bodies may be beyond our control. 

  • The Faculty is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by WHO (7th edition, 2000, page 105)

  • Faculty is also listed in the Directory of Postsecondary Institutions published by the US Department of Education

  • The First Faculty of Medicine has qualified to participate in programs under Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) and the Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs (Title IV, HEA programs) in the USA. Charles University - First Faculty of Medicine participates in the Federal Family Education Loan Stafford Program (OPE ID Number G33004).

  • Ranking of Charles University can be found HERE

  • More about Charles University can be found HERE

How to be admitted

There are two basic conditions that must be fulfilled to be enrolled: 1) successful passing of the written entrance exams and oral interview and 2) presentation of a valid certificate of completed secondary education.

Since 2019, there are two paths how to obtain recognition of your high school degree:
I.) for over 90% of those enrolled in the current first year, we were able to provide the nostrification ourselves, as the students met our established criteria and followed one of the popular international or national curricula.

Successful applicants in entrance exam will have to pay the fee for assessment of their diplomas. The fee for assessment for academic year 2021/2022 is 870CZK. Only after the payment will the faculty check/assess that applicant‘s diplomas- if they meet the necessary requirements for secondary education- if it is a valid certificate of completed secondary education enabling university studies to its bearer with proper form of authentication .

Documents which are not originally issued in the Czech or English languages must be officially translated into the Czech or English. 

Diploma requirements for faculty nostrification for direct entry applicants (without a premed course):


· US education system

Student must have the high school degree.

· A-level system

The First Faculty of Medicine is happy to offer nostrification to those who completed at least three Advanced (A2) Level subjects. All Advanced (A) Level subjects should have grade C or better. Two of them must be from our core subjects Biology or Chemistry or Physics. The third Advanced (A) Level can be any other (A) level subject. Note: Two AS subjects  cannot substitute one 'Advanced Level' subject!

· IB system

The applicants should have higher level of Biology or Chemistry or Physics (two out of those three subjects).

The total score should be at least 36 points.


SAT scores are currently not taken into consideration.

· EU national curriculum

All EU national curricula (e.g. Abitur) that make the holder eligible to apply to a Medical school in their home countries are eligible. It is strongly suggested that the applicants studied the core disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


Indian national curriculum is eligible for Faculty nostrification. Documents required include passing certificate (with apostille), mark sheet, and migration certificate. Historically, successful candidates had grades A1/A2 from the core disciplines with an occasional B.

·Other national curricula

Other national curricula are generally eligible, as long as they 1) entitle the graduate to enter medical school in their home country, 2) included at least two years of biology, chemistry, and physics in the last four years of studies. Examples include Iranian national science curriculum, Canadian curriculum, Australian curriculum, Thai national curriculum.

 II.) Students, whose diplomas do not fulfill the above requirements can still apply, but are obliged to obtain General Nostrification from the Municipality of Prague:

Recognition of foreign education executes Division of Education, Youth and Sport of Prague City Hall, Jungmannova 29/35, Prague 1, 110 00

The office will require a complete transcript of all the subjects taken during your high school together with the exact number of teaching hours for each. In some cases, the applicant may be required to take a differential examination from certain subject (e.g. Geography and English for the Iranian curriculum).

The process takes around 30 days.

THE GENERAL NOSTRIFICATION DOCUMENT (Nostrification clause on the recognition of the validity of a high school diploma in the Czech Republic = Nostrifikační doložka) MUST BE PRESENTED AT THE DAY OF THE ENROLMENT (i.e. before September 16, 2022 at the latest).

3) If you are applying through an agent, or taking a preparatory course, please check with the respective agency.

Students are selected on the basis of an entrance examination.


It is necessary to:

  • Fill in electronic application form or contact one of our representatives to help you with electronic application form on time and send PDF application for entrance exam in Prague by e-mail to (or to the representatives e-mail if you don't do the entrance exam in Prague) and pay 820 CZK for application registration. Without this payment the applicant won't be allowed to take the entrance exam.

  • Successfully pass the entrance exam.

  • Fulfill the requirements for nostrification of the high school diploma (please follow the instructions above)

  • Confirm your attendance at enrollment in our database  

  • Making a payment of the tuition fee using the allocated ID number (note: this payment is a strong factor in the process of deciding of your long-term visa application!).

  • Come to the 1st year enrollment and sign the Contract about studies with the Faculty

Important dates

Application process start : 1. 1. 2022

Application process ends  : 30. 4. 2022

NOTE: 30.4.2022 is the ultimate application deadline, no applications will be accepted after this date. 

Entrance exam in Prague : 3. 6. 2022

Start of academic year 22/23 : 1. 10. 2022

Open day : not specified yet

How and When to Apply 

Each student can apply only once in a given  per academic year to one of the study programs and can file one application for one study program. It is not possible to apply for the same study program in the Czech and English language. Students may start their application process prior to completing their secondary education.

Application can be done directly to First Faculty of Medicine by filling in the online application form or by contacting one of our representatives, who will help with filling of electronic application. You have to pay 820 CZK for application registration. Without payment the applicant won't be allowed to attend the entrance exam.


For the direct application go to and make sure to fill it in latest by 30th of April 2022.
Should you wish to apply through one of the official representative please contact them for details.
Our international representatives are listed on this link:

There is a total number of 150 places for General Medicine and 20 places for Dentistry course available to applicants for academic year 2022/2023.

If you need any special arrangements in order to organize your travels to entrance examination please contact us individually.

We start accepting application forms from 1. 1. 2022.

Under Art. 4 (5) of the Admissions Procedure Code of Charles University, the faculty is to send to an applicant the invitation to an entrance examination through the University Electronic Information System not later than 30 days before the date of the examination. Should the faculty send an invitation for an alternative date of the entrance examination this period may be shortened. A password to log into the electronic information system is obtained by an applicant after the applicant has submitted the application to study.

Conditions of admission on page of Rectorate of the Charles University

General Medicine


Entrance Exam 

Sample questions are available. 

Without payment for application form you won't be allowed to take the entrance exam.


Calculators are neither needed not allowed. Periodic table of elements is provided, as are the writing utensils.
The examination dates:

• OVERSEAS – details to be specified by your chosen representative

EXAM IN PRAGUE – 3. 6. 2022

You have to bring for registration invitation letter from our faculty (you should receive it beforehand by e-mail) and passport or ID.

There is also additional date for Prague’s examination on 17th of June 2022 which is designated for those who are unable to attend the regular date because of illness or some other serious reason. If you are not able to attend regular term please send us explanation why (for example medical report from a doctor etc.). Though please note that there will be only limited time for you to make all the necessary arrangements (visa and accommodation application, etc.) should you attend this additional term, mainly due to short period of time between the examination and enrollment. Those mentioned reasons wouldn’t be accepted as legitimate reasons for postponing your enrollment or any of the study obligations. Therefore it is highly recommended to make it to the regular term, unless you have some serious reason not to.

  • Other tips
    • if a visa is required, a short-term (tourist) visa is sufficient for the entrance exam
    • An invitation letter for the entrance exam will be send by an e-mail at the half of May. If the invitation letter is needed earlier, please let us know. An e-mail will be sent to every applicant who meets all the criteria.
Preparation course

First Faculty of Medicine doesn't offer preparation course itself, but it's possible to attend preparation course of

: Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University

: Abbey College in Prague/ Abbey College in Malvern 

: Medical doctor international academy 

: Gyanbery - short term prep classes for success in European Entrance Exams

Continuation of studies 

According to the Dean's provision n. 9/2018  can be recognized only exams and marked credits which student passed with mark Excellent (A) or Very good (B). Also the final results from particular exam can't be older than 8 years for General medicine and 7 years for Dentistry. Also previously recognized subjects on our Faculty cannot be recognized again.

Procedure for recognition:

1st Faculty of Medicine admits students only to the 1st year. We don't guarantee in which year student will finally study.

If a student successfully pass the entrance exam and accepts the offer, s/he will be enrolled automatically to the 1st year of studies. Her/his results from previous university needs to be recognized by the heads of institutes, which are responsible for particular subjects on 1st Faculty of Medicine. This is the reason, why the student must apply for recognition by the proffesors of the subject he/she wants to recognize during the first two weeks of a new academic year (including subjects from 2nd, 3rd year etc.).

WE DON'T GUARANTEE IN WHICH YEAR WILL STUDENT START HIS/HER STUDY. To move to higher year means to have all compulsory subjects of higher year of OUR study plan recognized by our teachers. To these compulsory subjects also belong CZECH LANGUAGE and PHYSICAL EDUCATION. If a student is missing only one of the compulsory subjects from our study plan s/he has to stay in the 1st year.

Each student has to follow the admission procedure as a regular applicant and successfully pass the entrance exam.

The Dean can reject the admission because of capacity of places in particular year.

Student pays the same tuition fee as its set for regular student in particular academic year.

Here you can check our study plans to compare curriculum of your faculty with our curriculum:

Study plans

Step by step procedure for recognition:


Visa [top]

  • Students from EU countries and Shengen Zone do not need a Visa to enter or study at our University. (If you come to study, you have to as a EU citizen register with Police office within 30 days from your arrival.)
  • If a Visa is required, please apply to the Czech embassy or Consulate well in advance, i.e. 3 months prior to the planned departure.
  • Please note the documents needed for the visa – some of them may take a lot of time, so plan ahead! Due to the time it takes to process the visa, you shall secure you appointment no later than in July (in August, you run a risk that your visa will not be issued in time for the enrolment!).

    If you anticipate any problems, we strongly advise you to consult an immigration lawyer, as the possibilities of help we can offer are seriously limited (e.g. we can NOT call the Ministry of Interior to speed up your application, or secure you an early appointment with the embassy).

For the:

  • entrance exam - a short term visa is sufficient

  • enrolment - a long term Visa is required

    • If you come to study, you have to as a non-EU citizen register with Ministry of Interior office within 3 days after your arrival.

Have all your documents ready even before entrance exam (if possible), for example criminal record or parental consent affidavit if they are required by the embassy so the process won't be delayed.


The obligations ensuing from the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals  for citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland is the "reporting requirement" in the event that the length of the intended stay in the Czech Republic is longer than 30 days. In this situation, within 30 days of entering the Czech Republic, an individual is required to report his/her presence to the appropriate Foreign Police Department that holds jurisdiction in the location of his/her stay in the Czech Republic.

More information about visa process

Tuition and Costs

Cost for application form:

  • 820 CZK
Without payment the applicant won't be allowed to attend the entrance exam.

Annual net tuition fee is:

  • 450 000 CZK for General Medicine

  • 450 000 CZK for Dentistry

Tuition fee is same for EU and non-EU students. Tuition fee must be paid only in Czech crowns and must be paid in one installment. The Faculty doesn't provide any scholarships for tuition fee.

The Faculty has the right to collect the fees for each commenced year of studies in accordance with Annex 2 of the University statute. This means that in the following years the sum of the fee can be adjusted according to the said Statute.

Additional expenses (not included in tuition fee):

lodging, meals, books, transportation, etc. Cost can significantly vary depending on spending habits. 

How to pay tuition fee?


Enrolment takes place in Prague in September before the semester begins and it requires:

  • Admission valid for the respective academic year
  • Confirmation in Faculty database about attendance at enrolment
  • Fulfil the requirements for nostrification of high school diploma (please follow instructions above)
  • A Long-term Visa, if applicable
  • A Signed Contract with the Dean of our Faculty
  • Paid tuition fee (it should be on faculty account by the day of enrollment)

For admitted students are intended these PPT presentations.

Living in Prague 

There is no doubt that you will find Prague very attractive, easy to live in and still affordable. You might be interested in:

  • Czech
    As for living, English will work perfectly for you, but in order to be able to communicate with the patients on the wards during the clinical rotations some basic skills in Czech will be necessary. During the first three years of medical studies the student will attend lessons and tutorials in Medical Czech. There are also plenty of opportunities to practice Czech in the city.

  • Accommodation
    Students can stay in the Residence Halls, we guarantee place for our 1st year students. Pictures of rooms could be find here. Our students usually stay at dormitory Na Větrníku. Hvezda or Vltava.

  • It is currently very popular to rent a flat. It is quite common to get an apartment in the centre, few minutes away from the campus at around 500 EUR per month if you share.

  • Expenses
    can significantly vary depending on spending habits. Sample costs are introduced here.


    accommodation 500 EUR/month shared double-bed apartment or shared room in the residence halls
    meals 3 - 5 EUR per meal in student canteens


    11 EUR/ month

    25 EUR

    reduced-price student pass (age limit 26)

    average taxi ride in the city


More to cost of living

Academic Calendar 

The Academic year is divided into two semesters, each followed by exam period.

  • The winter semester starts at the end of September and lasts 15 weeks. It is interrupted by a 2-week Christmas vacation and followed by a 4-week examination period.

  • The summer semester lasts 15 weeks and is followed by an examination period and summer vacation.

  • Starting from the 2nd year, summer clerkships in clinical departments are included in the curriculum.


Student Affairs Office

Please feel free to contact us any time for further details regarding studies, accommodation, insurance, expenses, contacts to students… anything.


Charles University - First Faculty of Medicine
Foreign Student Affairs Department
Katerinska 32
121 08 Prague 2
Czech Republic

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