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Updated information concerning teaching at the First Faculty of Medicine

Dear Students,

Below is the updated information concerning teaching at the First Faculty of Medicine, decided upon the conclusion of Dean’s Board meeting of March 16, 2020.
The Rector of the Charles University banned, effective March 16, 16:00 until March 24, 2020 (or later, depending on current state of emergency declared by the government) all forms of individual teaching, including individual consultations. All teaching must be delivered solely through distance means.


The Rectors prohibits, effective March 16, 2020, 16:00 until March 24, 2020 (or later, depending on current state of emergency declared by the government) all forms of examination, including the State exams, PhD exams, and Final State exams. The Dean, prof. Sedo, immediately asked the rector for shortening of the mandatory period for publishing the dates of State exams from current 3 months to 2 weeks.

At the present, the Faculty does not plan to conduct the examinations through distance means.

Preclinical teaching:

The information about the exact course of teaching shall be published by the individual institutes on their web sites and via SIS. They will also re-formulate the conditions for obtaining credits for each particular subject.

Theoretical part: Theoretical information, presentations, lecture notes etc. will be published (e.g. via web) or sent to students. The minimum standard is to make the lectures available as PPT presentations. The Institutes shall prepare supplementary program that would enable at least some contact with the teacher, including consultations, and some measures of continuous control of study. The students can take part in organization of the said teaching using appropriate applications.

Practical part: We recognize that some form of teaching (e.g. labs, dissections) can’t be adequately substituted. The subject guarantors shall prepare at least partial compensation (e.g. online models, specimen data base, instructional videos).

Examinations: The dates will be published during the exam session in accordance to current regulations. However, the dates of term opening might be changed, and such changes will be properly announced via SIS or web pages of the Institutes.

Clinical teaching:
Clinical rotations: for the 5th and 6th year students (including the English class) who take part in the volunteering activities of various health care establishments will be such activity considered as sufficient for obtaining the credit for the corresponding rotations (according to schedule of the particular year).

Eligible subjects:

The eligible shall continue whenever possible; if they can’t be continued, they will be abolished. The faculty shall then allow enrolment of addition subjects, according to the availability of slots (will be specified later).

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Best regards,

Your Foreign Student Affairs Department


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