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Log in Student Information System

Student information system (SIS) for the entire university is available at Students' login names have not been changed, however the passwords have not been migrated – the passwords from CAS will be used. (teachers' login names and passwords have not been changed).

Login names
The URL for login name search is:
Instead of login name you can use eight-digit personal number printed on your ID card below photo.

It is necessary to have a university student ID. Addresses of issuing places for IDs can be found at The temporary password (issued by the issuing place) must be changed in 5 days. After password change you´ll be able to log in to SIS. The URL for password change is .

The minimal password length is 6 characters and the password must include at least three categories of characters: lower case, upper case, digits, special and other characters. The password may not include first name or the surname.

If you forgot your password, you can apply for a new one here: .

The form for questions regarding the login procedure is

Neither study department, nor SIS administrator have a possibility to find out the forgotten password or to set up a new one!

If you are repeatedly unsuccessful in setting the password, you can visit card issuing office to obtain new password.

*Information about CAS*

*Frequently asked questions* *(FAQ):*











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