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To all final year students,

Upon completion of the last State Exam, and once the credit has been updated on SIS, graduates are required to come to the Student Office with signed index books and passport.

Once at the office, please notify Ms. Jitka Wurmova of any changes to your identification on your passport, as this information will correspond to what will appear on your diploma. This includes name, middle name, surname, date of birth and city of birth.



We understand that the application process to register with the Medical Councils in the country you wish to practice in begins before you receive your diploma. Kindly find the required documents for your country of work and email it to the Student Office so they may have the documents ready in order for you to collect.

Alumni Check-Out List - this list is available online (, but you will receive a hard copy at the student office. The requirements of this list must be completed in the duration between your last State Exam and the Graduation Ceremony. The requirements are:

1. Confirmation from Library – requiring a stamp that verifies that there are no outstanding fines. Kindly return any overdue books and fines before your graduation ceremony.

2. Medical Check Up – a general check-up that can be done in your home country or in the Czech Republic, as part of a clean bill of health. This requires a stamp and signature by the physician that treated you.

Letter of Confirmation of Graduation – this can be issued upon completion of the last State Exam. This document will contain your name, date of birth, study period, future diploma number and date of last State Exam (officially registered as your graduation date). This document may be used as a substitute to your diploma (until you receive it) for your application to the Medical Councils you register wish to with.



The graduation ceremony is compulsory. Exceptions may be made for those with extenuating circumstances, prior to which an email must be sent to the Student Office notifying them of the situation.

The faculty is not permitted to mail your diploma. Should you require it to be posted, you must arrange to do so individually.

  •  In case of Extenuating Circumstances, an email will be sent to you detailing the location and person of contact from whom you may collect your diploma. You must obtain a confirmation letter from them and bring it to the Student Office – where it will be registered.
  • In case you are unable to personally collect your diploma, you may assign someone else to be your Power of Attorney. An original Power of Attorney Letter must be written and signed by you, along with the name and identification details of your Power of Attorney. This letter must be presented to the Student Office at the time of collection of the diploma on your behalf.


Graduates must arrive at Karolinum at least 40 minutes before the ceremony begins; this is to learn the choreography for the ceremony and assign the correct order of students collecting their diplomas (

  • Graduates must learn the Latin term “Spondeo ac Polliceor”, which translates to “I swear and Promise”.
  • Each graduate is guaranteed two tickets for seats at no cost. Additional seats by the aisles are available if there are extra tickets or in the pews in case of no extra tickets.
  • Any graduate may have the opportunity to give a speech during the ceremony. There is no strict criteria on who may deliver the speech; it may be the first person to ask or the class favorite. Kindly
  • Graduates do not wear gowns during the ceremony. Graduates may rent or buy gowns for photos in the hour after the ceremony, but this is not compulsory. Gowns may be rented or purchased prior to the ceremony from the affiliated merchandiser, who will be on site on graduation day.
  • Official photographers and a videographer will be present during the ceremony. Pictures may be purchased at a later date from their website – you must choose the faculty, date and time of graduation.




Graduates will receive their diploma and a diploma supplement on the day of their graduation. The diploma will be in Latin, while the supplement will be in Czech. Often, both these documents must be translated and notarized to register with Medical Councils outside of the Czech Republic.

  • Translation and Notarization - The Student Office will provide graduates with the contact details of the affiliated notary. The diploma and supplement will be photocopied to an A4 format, verified by the notary and then translated to the language of your requirement.
  • Letter of Good Standing - This is an optional document and is not required by all countries (please check with the requirements of your Medical Council). This letter summarizes briefly that you have not worked as a doctor and have good standing in the Czech Republic. This document is issued by the Chamber of Health and can be done via email. The application process requires the Letter of Confirmation of Graduation and a passport copy; it lasts 1 week and costs about 300CZK.
  • Verification of Latin Diploma - This is an optional document and is not required by all countries (please check with the requirements of your Medical Council). This letter is issued by the Ministry of Health and certifies that the degree received meets the EU directives and graduates are eligible for work abroad. This document requires 1 month to process and costs about 500CZK.
  • International (Non-EU) Students - Graduates requiring prolongation of their Long Term Residence Visa until after graduation are eligible for an extension of their visa until their graduation date. Please email the Student Office asking them for the same. Graduates must apply for this extension on their own.
  • Graduates from Cyprus and Greece - Graduates looking to go back to Cyprus or Greece require super-legalization of their diploma. Graduates are required to send a verified copy of their diploma (or original), which will then be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to validate their diploma. Signatures and stamps will be added to the back of the documents, therefore it is not recommended to send in the original.


Graduates will receive an email, after their last credit has been added to SIS, listing all of the above from the Student Office. During their meeting with Ms. Jitka Wurmova, these processes will be discussed with graduates in detail and can be adapted to the requirements of their respective countries.


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