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    Our Alumni Club is open to both fresh graduates and experienced doctors. Log in and get back to your roots at the Faculty. Your connection to the First Faculty of Medicine doesn’t have to end after graduation at Carolinum.

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    • 19th SVK

      The Student Scientific Conference took place on May 17th. Thank you for your participation!

    • The freshmen´s guide

      Dear Students, We welcome you to the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University. We are glad that you chose to attend our faculty. We know that the transition from high school to university can be challenging. That is why we decided to write this guide, which should help you during the first steps of your studies at the First Faculty of Medicine. This is not a complete manual, where you could find the answer to every question you have, but we believe that it will answer at least the basic questions. Student life at the First Faculty of Medicine offers plenty of possibilities and also has its own secret chambers. What are the things you need to do after the Enrollment Day? Where will you buy your textbooks? How to find your way around the maze that is your new school? How will you pass all of your exams? And where will you celebrate them? You can find the answers to all of these questions in this very small booklet, which was written by many different Institutes, students and graduates for the purpose of helping you, our future physicians and dentists. Your experience here will be as sweet as you make it. We hope that you will fondly remember your student years. We wish you patience, endurance, success and happiness in the future years. First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Read more

    • Study plans for academic year 2018/2019

      Please find the study plans for upcoming academic year 2018/2019.

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