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Credit system and ISP

Credits are points that you receive for fulfilling your study obligations. Obtaining a credit, a graded credit, an exam in compulsory subjects and for completing an optional subject. Each subject has assigned credits in the study plan, this relates to the scope and difficulty of the subject. More difficult subjects usually have more credits.

The number of credits, which students can follow in the SIS, is set for each year of study separately. In each year, students are required to achieve a ‘normal’ (60) number of credits (see Freshmen’s Guide).

You can check the number of credits in SIS. Earned credits are added up for each year.

A maximum of 9 credits (15%) can be counted for eligible subjects in each year, credits above this number are ineffective and will not be counted when checking the fulfilment of study requirements for current academic year.

At the end of each academic year, you should have completed all the compulsory subjects and eligible subjects of the given year. Plus, you should obtain the normal number of credits in total (60 x year - 60 for the first year, 120 for the second year, 180 for the third year, etc.)

To advance to the next year, it is enough to achieve the minimum (50) number of credits (see Freshman's Guide). However, it often has its difficulties. The subjects are connected between each other throughout the academic years. They are prerequisites.

It means that failure to fulfill a compulsory subject can cause failure to fulfill other higher-year subjects for which it is a prerequisite. So then, you are not able to achieve the necessary number of credits in the next year.


Study programm

General Medicine


Minimal number of credits for ISP year

50 (credits)

50 (credits)

2.nd year



3.rd year


170 year


230 year


300 year



If you achieve minimum number of credits – you are eligible to apply for Individual Study Plan.

At the end of the last year, by adding all credits for mandatory and optional subjects, students must reach at least 360 credits in the course of General Medicine and 300 in the Dentistry course.

Individual Study Plan (ISP) due to Failure to Meet Study Requirements

In order to qualify for an ISP, students must meet the following conditions:

1. They must acquire so-called minimal number of credits, but this minimum is not permissible twice in a row;

2. ISP is not accepted in two immediately following years of study. This means that you have to fulfill everything that is set for you as part of your studies according to the ISP

Applying for an ISP:

1. The application is found here.

2. After completing the headings, applicant may write in the justification section something along the lines of ‘I am applying for an ISP because I need to repeat the Anatomy 2 (B02668) and Medical Informatics (B00364) courses, which I failed to complete this year.’ Students use their own words to briefly present their case.

All applications for an ISP are decided by the Vice-Dean who is appointed by the dean of the faculty.

Your ISP is for 2 years. During the first year of your ISP, you study the subject which was not fulfilled and subjects which have no pre-requisite related to the unfulfilled subject.

1st year: at the end of the first year of your ISP we would check the fulfillment of the repeated subject

2nd year: you study all the remaining subjects. At the end of the academic year we check the fulfillment of all subjects plus number of credits.

Attention! Students who fail to pass the repeated subject during the ISP will have their studies terminated!

By the end of the ISP, students are obliged to achieve a NORMAL (60) number of credits and pass all subjects listed in the ISP. This is part of the conditions under which an ISP is granted. Failure to meet conditions set by the ISP results in a termination of study at the faculty.

ISP for other reasons can be applied only if there is no reason to terminate your study.

Students can apply for an ISP for instance due to their state of health:

» In case a student faces, in the course of the academic year, a serious health concern (long-term hospitalisation, high-risk pregnancy, etc.).

All ISP applications are decided by a Vice-Dean who is appointed by the dean. The vice dean evaluates the application and decides whether there are reasons to terminate the applicant’s study, i.e. whether the applicant meets conditions for approving an ISP. If the ISP is granted and applicant fails to meet the conditions set in the ISP, their study will be terminated.

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