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To complete their studies, PhD students must meet the following requirements:

Pass the doctoral state examination

In order to be admitted to doctoral state examinations, PhD students must complete their individual study plan, which must include, inter alia, the following:
a) Certificate of attendance of at least two courses (one of which is usually taken abroad);
b) Passing an examination in English language proficiency;
c) Co-authorship (or first authorship) of at least one impacted publication;
d) If required by the Field Board, PhD students must also present an overview of literature, i.e. a text which describes and critically evaluates current situation in the relevant field of research. Knowledge of relevant literature helps doctoral students formulate scientific hypotheses and questions relevant to their endorsement or rejection. This literature overview must include a proposal of such a hypothesis and research goals. It should be 15 to 20 pages long.

Complete a PhD thesis (dissertation)

PhD thesis is usually written in Czech, but depending on regulations of the individual faculties, the use of other languages may also be permitted. Language of the PhD thesis must be specified in the individual study plan. Students may work on their PhD theses in a ‘cotutelle’ regime, i.e. under double supervision. This approach is especially well-suited for collaboration with international universities: it enables PhD students to complete part of their thesis at a university abroad and under supervision by experts from both the foreign institution and the Charles University. For more detail, see Methodical Directives Pertaining to the Administration of Agreement on Joint Supervision of Dissertation Theses, So-Called ‘Cotutelle’, Between the Charles University and a Foreign University.

Defend a PhD thesis



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