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24th Student scientific conference – The Winners

Best Postgraduate Lectures:

🥇1. position: Mgr. Ondrej Groborz

Thesis: Pharmacokinetics of Intramuscularly Administered Thermoresponsive Polymers

Instructor: prof. MD RNDr. Jiří Beneš, CSc.

🥈2. position: Mgr. Nikola Hájková

Thesis: Testing of microsatellite instability in serous, clear cell, and mucinous primary ovarian epithelial tumors and comparison of different methodological approaches

Trainer: RNDr. Ivana Stružinská, Ph.D.

Best undergraduate lecture:

🥇1. place: Zuzana Ševčíková

Thesis: The Effects of FGF2 in Chronic Wound Healing on ZDF rat model

Instructor: Assoc. RNDr. Marcela Buchtová, Ph.D.

Best Graduate Posters:

🥇1. position: Mgr. Eliška Krčmářová

Thesis: Effect of administration of probiotic Escherichia coli O83:K24:H31 on altered properties of neutrophils in dysbiotic mice

Instructor: Assoc. RNDr. Jiří Hrdý, Ph.D.

🥈2. place: MUDr. Václav Herman

Thesis: Immune checkpoint signaling in T-cell lymphoma cell lines

Instructor: Assoc. MD Ondřej Havránek, Ph.D.

Best Undergraduate Posters:

🥇1. place: Olga Vencourová

Work: Monitoring the development of JCV antibody titers depending on the dosage form and dosage schedule of natalizumab in the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis

Instructor: MUDr. Jana Lízrová Preiningerová

🥈2. place: Umang

Thesis: GDF3 as the main target of Luspatercept to treat ineffective erythropoiesis

Instructor: Ing. Jan Krijt, Ph.D.

🏅Bachelor study program - special price:

Tereza Kafková

Work: ONKOFIT - the pilot program of physical activity for the sick

with generalized breast cancer

Instructor: prof. MD Martin Matoulek, Ph.D.

At the same time, the Student Conference "Nutrition, Food and Health" was held by the Society for Nutrition, where the expert committee awarded the 6 best contributions:


Ing. Matěj Malý from VŠCHT Prague

Ing. Václav Tesař from Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Ing. Ondřej Brabenec from VŠCHT Prague

Ing. Tomáš Kouřimský from VŠCHT Prague


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