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Dear colleagues,

the evaluation committee selected the individual abstracts and included them for presentation in the form of an oral presentation or a poster.

Selected abstracts of the oral presentation or poster presentation HERE

Information for the oral presentation
It is possible to lecture in Czech or English. The lecture time is set at 10 minutes. Please adhere to this time limit. After each lecture there is a space for a short discussion (max. 5 minutes).

Projection equipment and computer is provided by the conference organizers. Presentations can be uploaded from a USB flash drive (readable on a PC) to a computer in the lecture hall on the day of the conference from 8:30 to 8:55. If you are unable to arrive in the morning due to workload, please send your presentation no later than 24 hours before the conference to Ms. Bc. Kristýna Rumlová by email:
Save your presentations in .ppt or .pptx format for PC (Microsoft Powerpoint) or .pdf (Adobe Reader). We recommend that you bring a backup presentation. The best presentations will be awarded. You will be informed about the exact time of your lecture well in advance later.

Poster information
The presentation can be prepared in Czech or English. The dimensions of the panel are 90 cm wide and 100 cm high. The poster presentation can be composed of several A4 / A3 sheets or one larger sheet. Please make sure that the font, graphs and presentation tables are large enough. Post the poster between 8:30 and 9:00 on the panel marked with the poster number.

At the end of the conference, a small feast will be prepared for participants and listeners and the announcement of the awarded presentations. Active participants (presenters) as well as authors and co-authors of accepted abstracts from undergraduate students are excused from teaching based on the presentation of the 23rd abstracts, which will be available online on the faculty website before the conference (please inform your teachers in advance if possible).

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