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Biomedical informatics

Biomedical informatics is a rapidly developing field whose content matter is, above all, the use of computers and information technologies (IT), system approach, statistics and epidemiology and mathematical methodologies in medicine.
Biomedical informatics is experiencing permanent development, and at present it is focused on these major problem areas: the area of support to clinical decision-making, biomedical statistics, robotics, computer modelling, image processing; and the area of medical information systems. In clinical medicine it means the following areas: clinical computing, analyses of images, issues of biosignal, computer modelling, artificial intelligence (including expert systems), support of decision-making, issues of statistics and biometrics, classification in medicine, computers in operating the devices, robotic and artificial organs. In the areas of information system, the issues of their implementation in health care settings are tackled as well as specific questions of data protection and ethical problems and creation of hospital information systems. In the areas of theoretical medicine, it is mainly about modelling of physiologic functions and issues of bioinformatics.


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