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Co-ordinating Council

Co-ordinating council
Doctoral studies in biomedical sciences are co-ordinated by the Co-ordinating Council (thereinafter “Council”); its members, appointed by the Rector of Charles University and President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, are chairpersons of all Field Boards as well as some other persons suggested by the participating faculties, institutes of the Academy of Sciences and possibly other authorities. Members of the Co-ordinating Council elect a Presidium of 7-9 members, which in turn elects its chairperson and vice- chairperson. The Chairperson summons and directs sessions of the Council and acts as its representative in negotiations with the Rector Office of Charles University, authorities of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, or possibly other authorities. The Vice-chairperson fully deputizes for the Chairperson during his/her absence. The term in office of the Council is five years.

The Co-ordinating Council, in particular:

  • co-ordinates the activities of particular Field Boards;
  • informs of the terms and conditions of admission procedures in particular programmes of doctoral studies;
  • co-ordinates conditions of the involved Field Boards for admission procedures;
  • initiates and co-ordinates organization of interdisciplinary lectures, courses and other joint forms of tuition;
  • co-ordinates and provides edition of learning texts for doctoral studies in biomedical sciences;
  • ·rganizes the annual scientific conference of the students in doctoral studies in biomedical sciences;
  • monitors and evaluates quality and standard of defences of dissertation theses, organized by particular Field Boards;
  • suggests to the Rector of Charles University and President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic organizational measures to provide for the activities in doctoral studies in biomedical sciences and to boost its quality and efficiency;
  • co-operates with the relevant faculty in graduation of students who have passed the doctoral study programme;
  • provides for edition of an information brochure of programmes of doctoral studies in biomedical sciences, which includes the lists of the Council and Supervising Tutors;
  • co-operates with grant agencies and actively strives for grant support and other funding of study programmes in biomedical sciences;
  • co-operates with the Centre of Doctoral Studies at the department of studies and student affairs of the Rector Office of Charles University;
  • in co-operation with the training institutions and particular Field Boards, initiates and organizes international contacts;
  • co-operates with deans of particular faculties in evaluation of scientific standard and activities of the Field Boards involved;
  • directs the activities of the Secretariat and the Secretary for Biomedical Studies
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