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Current news from the University Crisis Staff


Testing employees in the workplace is not mandatory. However, we urge employees who are not vaccinated to be tested regularly (in designated facilities, approved by self-tests) in order not to spread a potential infection.

The obligation of regular testing is currently imposed only in relation to students accommodated in dormitories - see more detailed information below.

Respiratory protection

In the common areas of CU buildings, it is mandatory to have the mouth and nose covered with a respirator or other protective device without an exhalation valve with a filtration efficiency of at least 94%. In an office shared by a permanent group of people, it is not necessary to wear protective equipment. However, this obligation arises when a "third" person enters the room.


On 3 August 2021, the faculties were informed about the current setting of rules in connection with the wording of protective measures, in particular it was an adjustment that no conditions are set for examinations and educational events for up to 20 people; prove non-infectivity (vaccination, antigen test, PCR test, confirmation of disease).

OSZS RUK will always share the current measures, meetings with the vice-deans for study affairs of the faculties of Charles University will be started for AR 2021/2022 on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 from 11 am.

Especially in connection with foreign students, OSZS continues to emphasize the possibility of using the institute of distance enrollment (while ensuring the possibility of meaningfully starting online teaching) following the example of the previous academic year. It is also recommended to continue to report accepted foreign applicants to the Student Regime in order to speed up their visa process (contact:

OSZS will publish the updated material Hybrid Autumn 2021 in connection with the previous two documents in this matter, see the current Czech version and the English version.

Graduation, matriculation

Taking into account the need for preventive protection of CU students and staff, I will contact you with a separate request for your opinion on matriculation in the academic year 2021/2022, when the risk of spreading possible infection among first-year students when accumulating students in one room may academic ceremony.

For the purposes of academic ceremonies, the issue of recognition of vaccination certificates is governed by current regulations and rules given by the Ministry of Health. The country of origin and vaccination against COVID-19 (type of vaccine, completeness of vaccination), or COVID certificate.


All incoming students / trainees are subject to the regulations and rules given by the Ministry of Health upon entering the Czech Republic. The country of origin and vaccination against COVID-19 (type of vaccine, completeness of vaccination), or COVID certificate. In accordance with this scheme, the following will be applied:

• Students from EU countries with a proper COVID vaccination / certificate do not need to be tested.

• Students from EU countries not vaccinated / vaccinated with a non-state-recognized vaccine are subject to on-campus testing and then every 7 days. Students accommodated outside the accommodation capacity of Charles University will be recommended the same resp. regular self-testing.

• Students from outside the EU, regardless of vaccination / COVID certificate, will be quarantined when entering the dormitory. After its completion and the negative test, they will be obliged to continue testing every 7 days.

Testing at faculties, dormitories and other parts of the university will be managed internally. There is a wide availability of anti-gene tests through sales at faculties and dormitories. The Department of International Relations of the RUK plans to help with the financial / personnel burden of the dormitories upon the arrival of students at the beginning of the academic year. During the self-test of students in the dormitories, medical students will be available on site to help with the entire procedure and, if necessary, answer basic questions. The Department of Foreign Relations of the RUK is ready to monitor the situation and, in the event of a worsening of the situation, will be involved in revising the methodology for resolving crisis situations. The Department of Foreign Relations will hold a meeting with the faculties of Charles University on this topic in the first half of September.

Dormitory operation

Pursuant to the Extraordinary Measure of the Ministry of Health, which was issued as an Annex to the Government Resolution of 16 August 2021, with effect from 31 August 2021, the operation of dormitories in general is governed by the following conditions:

Upon entering the dormitory, the student must submit a document (printed or electronic) on the following facts:

(a) that he has been vaccinated against Covid-19 as evidenced by a national vaccination certificate or a vaccination certificate issued in accordance with the European Union Regulation on the EU COVID digital certificate, provided that at least 14 days have elapsed since the completed vaccination schedule, or

(b) that he has undergone laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 disease, his isolation period has expired in accordance with the applicable emergency measure of the Ministry of Health and no more than 180 days have elapsed since the first positive test for SARS-CoV-2 virus, or

(c) that he has passed a negative RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus with a negative result no later than 7 days ago, or that he has passed a rapid antigen test (RAT) for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen with a negative result no later than 72 hours.
If the student is not able to present any of the above documents upon entering the accommodation, the student must undergo a rapid antigen test (RAT) for self-testing (use by a lay person) at the entrance to the dormitory reserved for this purpose. negative.

To test, I would like to inform you that the Charles University dormitories in the indoor areas at the entrance to the dormitory (closest to the gatehouse) have set aside separate rooms (even at the expense of reducing the number of study rooms) reserved for self-testing students. The rooms are equipped with a place (by which is meant a table and chairs). The minimum distance between individual sites is 2m. The rooms are equipped with a collection basket for hazardous biological waste and disinfection.

After the self-test, the student submits the result of the self-test (or a photo of the test) from a safe distance to the authorized person (porter / receptionist) or the landlord. The test employee will not catch your hands. The student then throws the used test into the trash designated for this purpose.

During the self-test, the student fills in the confirmation of the test (name, room number, date of the test). They will present the confirmation at the dormitory gatehouse. The concierge (or accommodation office) confirms the date of the test to the student on the form on the control of the negative test with a stamp. This form / confirmation of the test will have to be kept by the student at all times and, upon request, presented at the entrance to the dormitory. The validity of the confirmation is 7 days. Upon termination of the certificate, the student must prove that he meets one of the conditions listed above under letters a) to c), or undergo a new self-test.

If the test result is positive - the student will immediately announce this result to the authorized person, or to the email The student will be obliged to undergo quarantine immediately, where he will wait for further instructions and the result of the test will be notified to the hygienic station.

The accommodation office issues rails as follows when moving from summer accommodation or entering the dormitory:

• If the student meets the condition mentioned above under letter a), he / she will receive a green rail. The accommodation office will set the chip entry to the dormitory without restrictions.

• If a student meets the condition mentioned above under letter b), he / she will receive a green rail with the date until which this green rail applies to him / her.

• If a student meets the condition mentioned above under letter c) or does not meet any of the conditions and is obliged to self-test regularly, he / she will receive a red rail.

UK dormitories and canteens will offer for sale an antigen test (RAT) for self-testing at gatehouses. Due to the large number of freely available sampling points at COVID-19, we prefer that students use these test capacities when arriving at the dormitory and arrive at the dormitory with a valid negative test.

A student who does not prove that he / she meets any of the above conditions will not be allowed to enter the dormitory and may be terminated from the accommodation contract.

For the avoidance of possible doubts, I would like to inform you that according to the line for covid counseling in higher education of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in consultation with the Ministry of Education, to keep, for individual residents, documents (copies) and data proving their vaccination, Covid-19 disease or testing, also in terms of GDPR (legitimate interest).


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