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Developmental and Cell Biology

Developmental and cell biology are dynamic fields which integrate molecular biology, biochemistry, histology, and functional morphology, in the context of both evolution and ontogenesis, in one unifying view of life on the cellular level.
The study, which typically takes four years to complete, involves intense science training under the guidance of a supervisor and extends the education on M.Sc. level by specialized courses. Courses are guaranteed by specialists from the Faculty of Science and 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University as well as experts from the institutes of the Academy of Science (majority of them from IMG). Students can work on their doctoral projects in the above institutions as well as in hospitals, clinical laboratories, institutions of applied research or, less frequently, in the biotech development segments of private companies. Students discuss the progress of their research on PhD conferences in their oral presentations or posters. Project plans can be also implemented as parts of grant applications. Student mobilities help them to get acquainted with the international dimension of scientific collaboration. The outcome of their scientific work is presented on international conferences and as publications in impacted international journals. Members of the oversight committee and the head of the program supervise students projects and work with students on an individual basis. Students are encouraged to make independent opinions based on the literature they study.
Successful completion of the study requires that the student takes two courses taught in English, passes the state exam and publishes two original papers, one of which includes the student as first author.



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