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Diploma with Honours

Requirements for completion of studies with honours (red diploma)

(Pertaining to Article 7, Subsection 11 of the Studies and Examination Regulations of the University)

(1) Requirements for completing the studies with honours are to obtain the normal number of credit points (60) in each current evaluation of the studies and to complete the studies duly within the time which does not exceed the standard duration of the studies by more than one year.

(2) Other requirements for completing the studies with honours in any of the study programmes implemented at the Faculty are:

(a) to pass all the parts of the State Examination with the mark “výborně” (excellent);

(b) to pass without any re-examination;

(c) to pass all the examinations with the mark “výborně” (excellent) or “velmi dobře” (very good). If the student was marked at the examination as “dobře” (good) not more than twice for the whole time of studies, the Dean can – on the students application – permit taking these examinations again in only one term, which the Dean will set thereby. For the permission to take the examination again, without any need in repeated enrolment for the subject, the student will apply in writing not later than 30 days before taking the last part of the State Examination. The student can take an examination repeatedly not later than on the day before the last part of the State Examination.

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