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ERASMUS – information for the outgoing students

Nominated students will receive a scholarship of 480-750 EUR/month (depending on the type of mobility and destination). You do not pay any tuition fees at the host university abroad. However, during the whole period of your stay abroad you have to remain enrolled as a student of the 1st Faculty of Medicine.

Study stay or traineeship

Studying abroad is an integral part of your academic plan at our faculty. This means that it should not lead to an extension of the total length of your studies. Study abroad might be done through the creation of an individual study plan.

Doctoral students are expected to use their residency abroad to work on their diploma thesis.

You can participate in Erasmus multiple times, either as a student (study stay/study periods) or as a trainee (traineeship/placement). Your total Erasmus time abroad may not exceed 24 months within your study at our faculty.

You must prove your linguistic competence of the language study / training will be carried out. It is your responsibility to check whether the receiving institution requires an official language certificate.


It is now also possible to go on a traineeship to institutions with which we do not have a bilateral agreement, i.e. any institution within the European Union, with the exception of institutions directly funded by the EU (e.g. the European Parliament). Traineeship is understood as a work placement/work for a foreign university or other institution (company, organization, self-employed person, etc.) related to the field of study at LF1. You should work at least 30-40 hours per week on a traineeship. A student can go abroad for a traineesship for at least 2 months and for a maximum of 12 months.

The student should have pre-arranged the traineeship at the time of faculty competition and provide a preliminary email consent with the application.


Graduate Traineeship

As a fresh graduate, you can go for a practical traineeship abroad within the Erasmus+ program. Thus, graduates can get experiences in the medical field that they intend to pursue in the future. The internships for graduates are offered by the Charles University in cooperation with the Educa consortium.

You can carry out your practical traineeship not only at our partner faculties, but also at any other professional institutions (i.e. research institute, hospital). Students need to arrange their mobility and communicate with the hosting institution themselves.

The application for the traineeship must be filled out by student, approved by the faculty and the European Office of Rectorate. IMPORTANT! Application must be submitted to the Educa consortium before the student's graduation date! Other documents (Learning Agreement, Decision, etc.) can be processed after the state final exams if necessary.

The maximum length of the traineeship is 12 months in the case of bachelor's studies and 24 months in the case of master's programs. The minimum length is two months, i.e. 60 days continuously.Please, note that the traineeship for graduates is included in this total length of all your Erasmus exchanges.


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