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Free Movers

 If you are thinking about a study period abroad, you can also choose to become a Freemover, i.e. to arrange your stay independently, outside the framework of existing exchange/scholarship programmes.

This type of mobility has one principal advantage: you can choose virtually any foreign university you consider interesting. You are not limited by a predefined range of options, and you can go and study at the university of your choice. The main disadvantage is the amount of paperwork: you will have to do almost everything yourself and the whole process of arranging your mobility will therefore be more time-consuming than if you went under one of the well-established exchange/scholarship programmes.

For more details about this type of mobility click here.

Dean's order 15/2022 providing the rules of traineeships abroad for students in the clinical years of study under the “Freemovers” regimen can be downloaded here.

Prior to the departure the student delivers the application for permission to go abroad to the International Office. After the mobility the student delivers the traineeship certificate to the International Office and to the each subject guarantor. To successfully navigate this process, here are some additional steps and considerations to keep in mind:


1. Choose Your Destination: Research and decide on the hospital and country where you want to study. This could be based on your academic interests, the institution's reputation, location, or other personal preferences.

You may also use contractually accepted facilities for Freemover mobility. The contractually accepted workplaces, according to the Dean's measure No. 15/2022 are:

· Assaf Harofeh Medical Centre (Shamir), Be'er Ya'akov, Israel

· Edith Wolfson Hospital, Holon, Israel

· Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

· Clalit Health Services (Israel)

· Carmel Medical Center (Clalit), Haifa, Israel

· Kaplan Medical Center (Clalit), Rehovot, Israel

· Meir Medical center (Clalit), Kfar-Saba, Israel

· Rabin Hospital (Beilinson) (Clalit), Petah Tikva, Israel

· Schneider Children’s Medical Center (Clalit), Petah Tikva, Israel

· St. Franziskus Hospital, Lohne (SES), Germany

· St. Josefs-Hospital,Cloppenburg (SES), Germany

· St. Marienhospital, Vechta (SES), Germany

· St. Elisabeth Hospital, Damme (SES), Germany

· Klinikum Chemnitz gGmbH, Chemnitz, Germany

· United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2. Contact the host institution: Reach out to the institution where you wish to pursue your clinical rotation. Inquire about their application process, required documents, and any specific prerequisites. It's essential to establish clear communication and gather all necessary information.

3. Check the First Faculty of Medicine's Policies: Dean's order 15/2022 provides the rules of traineeships abroad for students in the clinical years of study under the free movers' regimen.

4. Coordinate with the First Faculty of Medicine:

· Complete the application for permission to go abroad form for traineeships abroad under the "Freemover" regimen.

· Obtain approval from the guarantor (principal teacher) of the respective subject. The guarantor assesses the stature of the institution abroad, checks syllabuses compatibility, and decides on acknowledgment criteria. If you choose contractually accepted institutions, approval and syllabus assessment by the guarantor are not required, although the guarantor still needs to sign the application.

· ! Please note: Exams and/or graded credits are always taken at the Faculty.

· Submit the application form signed by the guarantor(s) to the International Office by the specified deadlines (personally or via email). The deadline, according to the Dean's measure No. 15/2022 is 30th June in case of departures in the winter semester of the following academic year; and 31st October in case of departures in the summer semester of the corresponding academic year.

· The coordinator of Clinical Rotations will ask the Vice-Dean for permission to depart and will inform you once your application is signed.

5. After the Freemover traineeship abroad: After finishing the traineeship, submit the traineeship certificate and confirmed records of procedures to each subject guarantor and to the International Office.

If you have any other questions or need assistance during this process, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office.


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