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Graduation Ceremony Choreography

The procedure at the background is:
• Sign matriculation sheet
• Collect two tickets for extra seats (rest of the family and friends will sit on the seats which do not require tickets, available more than 300 seats)
• Go to hand over the tickets to your family
• Return to the original room
• 15-20 min prior to the ceremony is start of the choreography training, it contains 5 major steps:

1) BOW, when you hear your name make one step out of your row and bow to the guy on the right side in the red gown.

2) SPONDEO AC POLLICEOR, promotor, guy sitting in the middle of the front row wearing chain on his neck, will read Hippocratic oath in Latin. In the middle of this speech he will stand up. It is signal for you to go to the beadle and with 2 fingers slightly touch mace and say loudly [Spondeo ak Policeor] to the promotor and return by middle gap to your original row. Graduates in the row are rotating, so the position is keep changing until all of you will reach original spot.

3) COLLECT THE DIPLOMA, when the Hippocratic oath is over promotor will go down on your level to hand over you the diploma. You will set from your row to the promotor. Shake his hand and collect the diploma by your left hand and return by the middle gap to your original row. Graduates in the row are rotating until all of you will reach original spot. When all of you will receive the diploma there is time for the speech.

4) TURNING AND CONGRATULATION, after the hymn the 1st and 4th (outside) rows will make one step out and on that spot turn right, so you see back of your partner in a pair, and 2nd and 3rd row will just turn left on the spot, so the graduates in the row 2nd and 3rd row are facing each other. All the authorities will go to shake your hand.

5) LEAVE, graduates are leaving the room last (after the bursary). You will be standing in the 4 rows, the position from step 4. First are leaving 2 middle rows in the pair. It starts from the pair which is the closest to the place where were sitting the authorities, when 2 middle rows are gone the same movement will do the outside rows.

You can check all 5 steps on the video below. To see exact steps only you can stop the video on the give times, Step 1 is on 11:30min, step 2 on 14:05min, step no. 3 on 16:45min, step 4 on 25:00min and step no. 5 on 30:20 min

The ceremony takes round 45min. You can rent or buy gowns which you can wear after the ceremony and take the pictures in it. One of the options where to order it is It is not compulsory!

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