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Human Physiology and Pathophysiology

The programme Human Physiology and Pathophysiology is focused on the study of functions of particular systems of the organism (blood, circulatory system, breathing, digestive, urinary, humoral, nervous systems) and their control, from the molecular level up to the study of mutual relations between particular systems under normal conditions and pathologic states. Equally important is the study of factors that can affect the mechanisms of development, plasticity and adaptation to epigenetic and internal influences.
The experimental and analytic approach of learning enables you to use the knowledge gained for prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of the human organism. 

The objective of the studies in the study programme Human Physiology and Pathophysiology is training the students in such a way so that they will be capable of independent scientific work as necessary for understanding of physiologic and pathophysiologic mechanisms that can be the cause of major clinical conditions.

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