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I have been nominated for Erasmus, what next ...

Once your nomination for the Erasmus mobility has been sent to the receiving institution, you can create your application in webapps:

Přihlášení do Webových aplikací UK (

You will have to fill in the dates of your mobility, if you need to change them later on it is possible.

Once the student receives the information email from abroad, he/she creates a learning agreement based on the course offerings abroad, which he/she adds to his/her application in the online application. The student communicates directly with the Erasmus coordinator of the foreign institution when drawing up the study plan or setting the departure dates. On the LF1 side, there is no deadline for completing the study plan in webapps, but the student has to check the dates on the side of the university where he/she is going.

Most universities require the delivery of other documents in addition to the learning agreement, some of which must be signed by the faculty coordinator (Karel Klíma, M.D. et M.D., Ph. D.). I will arrange for his signature, but please allow time (it is not overnight). Most universities require a so-called Transcript of Records of grades in English, which will be printed and confirmed by the study department or our international department. When the student has complete documents, they either upload them to the online application of the foreign university or email them as instructed by the university.

STUDY STAY – procedure with the learning agreement:

After you have made a study plan in webapps (on one side you have the courses that are offered abroad, on the other side the corresponding courses in the UK), you print the plan via the printer icon and have it confirmed (i.e. signed) by the supervisors of the individual Czech courses. The guarantors thus undertake that when the student arrives from abroad and brings a certificate of completion of the course, they will accept these courses (or e.g. they will accept the internship or credit, but the students still have to take additional knowledge testing /written, oral/ after their return). The corresponding courses at LF1 must total at least 15 credits per semester in case of master's degree.

The student comes to International department with the signatures of the study guarantors. We will print out the remainder of the learning agreement for the student to sign. Our department then secures the signature of the Vice-Dean (in the case of a study placement) or the signatures of the Vice-Dean and the Faculty Coordinator (in the case of a practical placement).

TRAINEESHIP – procedure with the learning agreement:

Below I send general information on how to fill in the "traineeship specification" in the Erasmus online application:

Workplace: the official name of the whole hospital should be there; Size of the workplace: this would refer to the whole hospital. Position: trainee. Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired: here you should elaborate what skills you will acquire during the traineeship. Detailed programme of the training period: exact name of the relevant department, + shadowing of the specific doctor. Monitoring plan: either you can write the person-supervisor, or give an example that another student had: "Once a week go through all what I have learned with Dr ....., report findings, discuss diagnoses and any problems or interesting cases"; . Evaluation plan: here you should indicate what document will conclude your internship, e.g. At the end of the Erasmus+ mobility period, the trainee will be awarded the Erasmus+ Traineeship Certificate, indicating the start and end dates of the mobility period and the tasks carried out by the trainee during the mobility period. Type of work placement sector: Human health and social work activities.

Once you have everything filled in, you print out the learning agreement via the printer icon, sign it and bring it to me or send me a good quality scan, I will arrange the signatures for LF1 (vicedean and faculty coordinator) and then send it to you to send it abroad for signature of the receiving institution. The learning agreement for the traineeship is not to be signed by guarantor, but if you want the traineeship to be recognized, talk to the department before you go.

If you need to make any changes to the application form in webapps, please use the yellow edit button. If you need to changes the dates of mobility please write to 

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