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Invitation for students interested in serving as demonstrators for first-year’s dissection



For students interested in serving as demonstrators for first-year’s dissection during the winter semester 2021/22

Eligible are students from the second year up (General or Dental Medicine) who would like to deepen their understanding of Anatomy and who would also like to share their knowledge with their junior colleagues.

Registration starts Monday, October 11 and ends on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

And is via e-mail at:

Please include in the body of your message: Your current year of study, your grade from Anatomy 2, and number of dissections you already passed as a demonstrator. The meeting and tender for this position will occur on

Thursday October 21, 2021, in the Great Auditorium of the Institute of Anatomy, 15:00

The registration is preliminary, and final assignment will be performed only after meeting with all interested parties; during the meeting, you will also get the information about the organization of the dissection course. We will need about 18 slots for the demonstrators; we need both some experienced ones (who participated at 2 or more courses already), as well as those with less experience. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of slots, the criterion for selection will the slide test result (identification of anatomical structures in timed PowerPoint presentation). The list of selected candidates, who will then be able to enroll to the course as an eligible subject in SIS, will be transmitted to the Study department, together with the request for a stipend for all who helped us.

In contrast to previous years, we will be also looking for the demonstrators for the Dentistry dissection course (2 persons), since those will be dissecting early in the summer semester. The meeting with the candidates for the SUMMER demonstrators will happen during the FIRST WEEK of the summer semester.

First year English class:

Groups 1051 – 1056 dissect in the 10th and 11th week in December:

Course E. ALEK Anatomy Dissections 1 in WS (27 hrs)

Groups 1051-1056 dissect daily 14:30 - 17:45 from December 2 (Thursday)

to December 9 (Thursday). Day 6th: demonstrations and credit.

We reserve the right to adjust the courses according to limitations & regulations imposed by ever-changing epidemiological situation; to help, please get (re)vaccinated.

V Praze 7. 10. 2021 O. Naňka


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