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Ministry of Health certificate to perform the medical profession abroad

Dear graduates,

please find below the instructions how to apply for the Ministry of Health certificate (confirmation that your degree is in compilance with EU directives and that you are allowed to work as a doctor/dentist abroad).

  1. Apply for the Ministry of Health Cetificate by completing of the following application form
  2. Fill the application form


- Country for which the "Certificate" will be issued: Select the country where you are planning to practice (this question is having statistic ground only)

-Tick a box with option  a)

- GM have degree MUDr., dentists MDDr.

- Former surname - for the female only, fill this box in case you got married and your surname changed

- Personal identification number - write 10x0 (0000000000)

- Place of birth - write city and state of birth

- Identification number - leave the box empty

- Address of permanent residence - your official address abroad usually written in your passport, h.n.. means house number (in Czech Rep. written on a red board), č.or. orienteering no. (In Czech Rep. written on a blue board)

- Contact address is different than the address of permanent residence - tick the box when the official address abroad differs from the real address where you are going to live/work after the school and you require from the Ministry to mail you the final certificate to that address

- tick the last two boxes ( I agre..., I proclame..)


  1. Copy the letters or numbers displaying on the picture on the bottom of the application
  2. Finish the application by click on button “uložit a tisk”
  3. Application was converted into the Czech language
  4. Print the application
  5. Buy 500 CZK worth stamp (kolek) at the post office and enclose it to the front page of the application by using paper clip
  6. Enclose copy of your passport and verified copy of the diploma and supplement 
  7. Put the application including all 3 enclosures into the envelope and deliver it to the address:


Ministerstvo zdravotnictví

pan Daniel Bartonec

Palackého náměst 4

128 01 Praha 2

Czech Republic

In order to apply first you have to have the diploma ready as the Ministry requires verified copy of your diploma and supplement enclosed. The issuing process takes proximately 25 days since the day of application delivery. The Ministry of Health provides service to post the certificate to abroad for free. Certificate is issued in the Czech language.Mr. Daniel Bartonec is in charge of the Ministry of Health application, his contact details are following: +420 224 972 915.


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