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Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology

The purpose of the study program is to provide the students with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in various areas of molecular and cell biology, genetics and virology, as well as to familiarize them with modern methodical and technical approaches utilized in these scientific fields and with the possibilities of such approaches for problem-solving in current biological and biomedical science (including interdisciplinary research). The main scope of the program can be characterized as the study of biological processes at molecular and cell level, focusing particularly on complex interactions between cells and environment or between various information macromolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) and using the most modern approaches of molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Study obligations
The students must successfuly complete at least one course related to the topic of their dissertation works, this study obligation is the prerequisite for the application to the State doctoral examination. A list of recommended / suitable courses for MBBGV doctoral students can be found here.

Requirements on creative activities
The main requirement is the independent realization of own, original, high-quality, scientific work, the output of which must be at least two original scientific publications related to the topic of dissertation. At least in one publication the doctorand must be the first author and must play a significant role in its creation. The outputs must be published in the rewieved journals indexed in databases generally recognized by the international scentific community (Web of Science, the so-called impact factor journals). In exceptional and justified cases (one typical example can be a single excellent first-author publication) the Field Board may decide otherwise. With the consent of the Fied Board the requirements on creative activities may reflect the possible development of the international publishing practices and requirements for evaluating the quality of scientific outputs in the fields of biomedicine and biology.

Requirements on placements taken
A stay abroad at a relevant professional institution, not shorter than one month. If the placement abroad is not possible, the student needs to directly participate in an international co-operation, e.g. in an international creative project with results published or presented abroad, etc.

Other study obligations
Active participation on the national and international scientific conferences and congresses is recommended. The student should be actively involved in the preparation of grant projects of his/her department. Other study obligations may be determined by the inner regulations of the relevant faculty.

State doctoral exam
State doctoral examination is an oral exam adjusted to the specific research topic of the student. It is necessary to register for the state doctoral examination no later than during the 3rd year of study. It consists of two spheres of activity, pertaining to the topic of the dissertation thesis and subjected to the approval of the Field Board. During the exam the students must demonstrate detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the topics direcly related to their dissertation (first part of the exam), including overlaps of particular fields and the knowledge of principles, possibilities and limitations of methodological approaches related to their research. Students should also demonstrate a good general theoretical overview of molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics or virology (in the second part of the exam the student chooses one of these four disciplines). The students are expected to confirm their ability to grasp the essence of the problem, place it in a broader context and particularly demonstrate the ability to think creatively.

Detailed information on the course of SDZ and requirements for doctoral students can be found here.

The dates of state doctoral exam and the defences
The dates of state exams and defences for the study program Molecular and cellular biology, genetics and virology for the academic year 2021/2022 can be found here.

Further information regarding the study of DSP Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology is available here.


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