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1. The Faculty of Vaccination supports and recommends, but currently cannot guarantee them.

2. The vaccination strategy is formed by the government and its prioritization must be respected. There are not enough vaccines yet, the faculty itself cannot directly influence their distribution. Vaccination is centrally distributed and recorded.

3. If vaccines are available, the faculty is ready to work with the hospital on the organization and logistics of vaccination.

4. The Faculty will actively strive for the vaccination of teachers and students, especially in clinical years and absolutely for students helping out in medical facilities. They should be provided with vaccinations by the workplace if they fall into category IA according to prioritization.

5. So far, only students with health insurance in the Czech Republic can be vaccinated. Vaccination of those who are not citizens of the Czech Republic (including Slovakia) resp. they do not have health insurance in the Czech Republic, it is not possible to provide at this time. Our effort will be to support the vaccination of foreign students as well.

6. Vaccination is not obligatory, participation in classes cannot be conditioned by vaccination.

7. Students in clinical years cannot yet be in contact with immunocompromised patients, not even those vaccinated, the subject guarantor decides on the specific procedure.

8. Vaccinated students must also be equipped with appropriate protective equipment and adhere to regime measures.

9. We cannot specify the vaccination schedule at this time, but we have developed a system of information and communication with the hospital. Teachers / students must be ready to appear for the vaccination immediately as part of the call. Further specific information would be provided at the same time as the call for vaccination.

10. We recommend that students register for the vaccination registration system as soon as possible.

11. Testing students with antigenic tests will not currently affect the scope of clinical and practical teaching, so it will not be required.


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