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Payment information for students

The amount of the tuition fee in Czech crowns for all of the Students starting studies at the latest in academic year 2020/2021


· 360 000 CZK for study General Medicine in English

· 360 000 CZK for study Dentistry in English


The Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine offers TWO PAYMENT OPTIONS:

1. Direct payment - from student´s/sponsor´s account to the account of the faculty

  • the account of the faculty is in CZK, therefore select CZK (Czech crowns) as a currency for transfer
  • use type of bank charges OUR – all charges must be paid by payer
  • use payment details listed below for your transfer
  • Beneficiary Name: Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine
  • Beneficiary Adress: Kateřinska 32, 121 08 Prague 2, Czech Republic
  • Bank name: Komerční banka a.s.
  • Bank address: Václavské náměstí 42, 114 07 Prague 1



VARIABLE SYMBOL: ISIC CARD NUMBER (all students have received information about this number)

IBAN: CZ9701000000000037434021


Information for payee: student's name and number of his/her ISIC card

It is necessary to put the number of your ISIC card as a variable symbol for identification of your payment!


Please be aware, that any potential underpayment which will emerge from the transfer (bank charges, etc.) you have to pay up in cash desk of the Dean´s office. Should this happen, student will be informed and instructed on the enrollment day.

2. Western Union Business Solutions – payment through the worlds largest provider of international payment services

This should enable you to use a simple and cost-effective method of paying school fee in your own currency, without underpayment and with confirmation about payment.

Please click on Western Union logo to pay now:


Instructions how to pay can be found also on this video

This online application will allow you to:

  • Pay CZK fees (tuition) in a currency of your choice using domestic bank transfer
  • Use time and cost-effective payment method and minimize your bank charges
  • Promptly allocate your funds, saving your time and money
  • Send your payments in fast and easy way via user-friendly online application
  • The full amount will be credited to the faculty in the domestic currency /CZK/
  • You will receive a confirmation about applied payment

You should enter your identification data, using your ISIC number, on the first page, then press NEXT to continue with the payment process in 4 easy steps. All fields marked * are required. IF THE CURRENCY OF YOUR ACCOUNT DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE LIST SELECT USD OR EUR. Accurate information will ensure that funds are promptly allocated to the student´s account at the Faculty. If a sponsor/parent is paying on behalf of you, their data will also have to be entered at the later stage.

TO COMPLETE THE PROCESS, JUST INITIATE A TRANSFER FROM YOUR BANK WITHIN 24 HOURS. Your payment must be credited to Western Union account within 72 hours of completing the payment requests. Please be aware, that the bank transfer takes 1 or 2 days and initiate a transfer from your bank account in time!

For additional information about payment contact:


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