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PhD students of history of medicine

Characteristics of the study programme
History of medicine is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the history of medical science, history of particular specialties and their representatives, history of the medical profession and development of medical thought, history of training of health professionals, history of public health and health care facilities, incidence and alterations of disease entities as well as their treatment. At medical schools of universities in the world, history of medicine has had century-lasting tradition. The Institute for History of Medicine and Foreign Languages (thereinafter “Institute”) of Charles University – the First Faculty of Medicine, one of the first in Europe, has been active at the oldest medical faculty in Czechia since 1920. Studies in this programme enable graduates of faculties of medicine and natural science as well as of various humanitarian fields to achieve the highest specialized education in this discipline. The Institute, which is the only in this specialty, is the central co-ordinating institution for education of PhD students of history of medicine for other university schools in Prague and nationwide

Profile of the graduate in the discipline 
Graduates in the discipline must be able to work with scientific literature in foreign languages, independently prepare and implement research projects and elaborate them considering their interdisciplinary nature above all. Further, they must be able to solve problems of topics allotted in the fields of paleopathology, paleomicrobiology, gender and social history, history of medicine and health care, typology and development of medical literature written in Latin and concerning the medical faculty in Prague, etc. 

The graduates can use their education in the following areas: 
(a) teaching at universities (tuition of history of medicine, health care and basic medical terminology at medical and other faculties);
(b) activities at research and academic institutions (e.g. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic);
(c) counselling, particularly at large health care and social facilities.

Information and technological background of the study programme
At its lately renovated premises, the Institute has adequate capacity for regular consultations with students. Recently it has been refurbished with modern computer technology including access to the internet.

The Institute possesses an extensive library that includes about 17 thousand volumes. The library is a unique collection for the field of history of medicine, especially for older periods, even within all Europe. It has preserved the best part of the collections of the first professional medical library of the Prague medical faculty (Medizinisches Lesemuseum, established 1841) and its collections have been continuously completed in keeping with financial resources, mainly coming from grants projects.

Information on the constantly growing professional knowledge and bibliography is provided through the internet access to specialized data bases

Prerequisites for applicants 
Applicants are required to
have completed education at the Masters level;
pass the entrance examination in the form of an interview;
submit the topic to be dealt with in the dissertation thesis.

Requirement concerning the input knowledge:

(1) basic orientation in the topic that the applicant wishes to deal with;
(2) proof of language skills that are necessary to elaborate the given topic (Latin, German, English, French, or Italian);
(3) aptitude for independent scientific work.

Study subjects 
Issues of study of history of medicine 
Methodology of historical sciences
Paleography seminar with reading of medical literature in Latin

Type of study subject: obligatory
Extent of tuition in the subject: lectures in course throughout the study, c. 3x in a semester
Forms of tuition in the subject: lectures, seminars and consultations
Form of completion of the subject: credits
Further requirements: Student’s active attendance at scientific conferences and seminars, publication of article in the study field, reviewing and expert opinion activity.

Co-ordinator: Prof. PhDr. Milada Říhová, CSc.

Brief abstract of the subject: Orientation in important world institutions, prominent personalities and basic reference literature as well as major scientific journals in the field of history of medicine.

Basic literature:
- Van Dülmen, Richard: Historická antropologie. Vývoj, problémy, úkoly, Praha, Dokořán, 2002.
- Eckart, Wolfgang U.: Geschichte der Medizin. 5. korr. und aktualisierte Aufl. (Springer-Lehrbuch), Heidelberg: Springer, 2005.
- Eckart, Wolfgang U. - Jütte, Robert: Medizingeschichte. Köln: Böhlau, 2007.
- Nuland, Sherwin B.: Lékařství v průběhu staletí. Praha: Knižní klub, ed. Columbus, 2000 (1988).
- Porter, Roy: Největší dobrodiní lidstva. Historie medicíny od starověku po současnost. Praha: Prostor, 2001 (English 1st ed. 1997).
- Říhová, Milada et al.: Kapitoly z dějin lékařství. Praha: Karolinum, 2005.
- Schott, Heinz: Kronika medicíny. Praha: Fortuna Print, 1994.
- Svobodný, Petr – Hlaváčková, Ludmila: Dějiny lékařství v českých zemích. Praha: Triton, 2004.

Recommended literature:
- Iggers, Georg: Dějepisectví ve 20. století. Praha, 2002.
- Noack, Thorsten et al. (Hgg.): Geschichte, Theorie und Ethik in der Medizin. München: Urban & Fischer, 2007.
- Schulz, Stefan et al. (Hgg.): Geschichte, Theorie und Ethik der Medizin. Eine Einführung. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 2006.
- Seidler, Eduard – Leven, Karl-Heinz: Geschichte der Medizin und der Krankenpflege. 7. überarb. u. erw. Aufl. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2003. 


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