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Possible awards given for students’ research projects

Possible awards given for students’ research projects


1)          Josef, Marie and Zdeňka Hlávka’s Endowment


- Endowment rewards for activities in science, literature and arts

Endowment rewards are granted in the form of scholarship to outstanding individuals (not institutions or teams) as travel allowances, scientific or artistic scholarships. Endowment rewards are also granted to students, young scientists who are abroad, preparing for implementation of a scientific project. For an endowment reward, outstanding individuals from non-private university-level schools in Prague as well as from scientific and artistic fields in the domain of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training of the Czech Republic, and the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic.


- Josef Hlávka Award for the best students and graduates of non-private university-level schools in Prague

Josef Hlávka Award is meant for talented students in Bachelor, Master or Doctor degree programmes of studies who have demonstrated outstanding ability and creative thinking in their fields. The proposal is submitted by the Rector, following a recomendation by the Faculty. The Faculty submits its proposal to the Rector following the student’s application, which must be received by the Dean by 30th May.

Any further information (conditions, details of the application, etc.) is found on the Web pages


2)          Awards given to students from the funds of Charles University in Prague

(Rector’s order number 10/2001 – available on the Web pages of the Charles University Rector’s office


- Rector’s award for the best graduates of Charles University

The award is granted in five sections. For the section of medical sciences, Prof. MUDr. Karel Weigner Award is established. The award can be granted to those outstanding students in Bachelor or Master degree programmes of studies – by the completion of their programme – who have achieved extraordinary results in scientific, research, sports or cultural activities during their studies.


- Rector’s extraordinary award for students of Charles University

Rector’s extraordinary award for students of Charles University is granted:

(a)                   for a deed or activity in the period of studies, demonstrating bravery and self-sacrifice in civil life;

(b)                  for achieving outstanding results in the field of science or research during the studies;

(c)                   for prizes of remarkably high credit, won by performance of cultural or artistic activities, or for brilliant standings in international sports competitions.


3)          Jan Opletal Award

The application is submitted by the student together with a letter of reference by an outstanding personality in the field, who may or may not be a member of the faculty staff. The proposal is submitted, always by the 30th November, to the Dean of the Faculty.


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